Need help - present for 2 yr. old girl

  1. I'm trying to get an early start to my Christmas friend has an adorable 22 month old girl, I was wondering what would be a good present for her? I don't have kids so I'm totallly out of the loop!

    TIA~~~~ :flowers:
  2. I love buying jewelry for girls - earrings or a necklace. Even if they can't wear it now, they will have it when they are older.
  3. Hmm
    well girls always love one of those Zapf dolls that talk and can be fed etc? Talking CHOU CHOU Doll: Toys & Games
    You can even find accessories to go with it. like a bed etc

    or a set of Lego blocks that are made for young ones? they love those things!

    My daughter loved this purse when she was young

    and cute story books are always a hit too :biggrin:

    If she likes Elmo she might like this

    This Water Wheel Play table might be fun for outside

    Dress up is always a hit for girls :smile: *my daughter & friends loved this one since long ago and she still uses it lol*

    well I gotta go eat now but hope this helps a bit :smile:
  4. Books are also a good option.
  5. I'd get her a doll.
  6. I would go for something Dora (Dora The Explorer) related. Little girls love her.
  7. I'd probably buy something Leapfrog, I think educational is always good.
  8. Yeah they sure do. my daughter is still hooked on her.
    I find her speaking Spanish off and on from the show lol :biggrin: too cute.
  9. They love Dora and Elmo. I saw a Dora on the TV where her hair grows or something like that.
  10. Definantely something not as hightech as jewellery and little girl makeup type things. Because a) may be harmful if they are not watched with them. b) parents may be pretty pissed since they would have to watch their kid whilst playing with the toys hehe.. I would probably buy a little ballerina tutu, or some books on very girlish things that her mom can read her at night! or just something ballerina/princess related.. A doll is a good idea!! I wouldnt go for a barbie or anything since there are so many little pieces. Also, a leapfrog may also not be a good idea, since they are usually pretty hightech and little kids may get bored with them easily!! Just take a look around a little toy store, you will be bound to find something!! goodluck!
  11. my daughter is 2 years old and she loves her baby dolls. she has the graco playset that has a kid size stroller, car seat, crib, play pen, and even the high chair. i like this because it keeps her busy for hours and i could keep adding to it like clothes and stuff for baby. the baby even comes with diapers she will actually change the babys diaper. this has helped with potty training sinces it puts the idea in her head. what is your price range so i can give you more suggestions
  12. Thanks for all the recs everyone!

    cat_inluv - I love the Water Wheel Play table! I might just get her that if I could carry it out of the store :P

    I was searching around and thought this was really cute. Her mom is a teacher and she is really inquisitive!

    pottery barn kids | puffy animal block set

    I will probably also get her some books.