Need help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. My daughter is 10 yrs old and lately she start having acne mostly around her forehead nose and chin. I have her using otc but it doen't seem to help. Should i buy proactive for her? Are there any products out there that can clear her acne without over drying her skin. Thanks
  2. Since she is only 10 I suggest asking your doctor before starting your daughter on any skin products. OTC one's included....just my opinion. I would however buy clinique mild facial soap and have her wash her face twice a day with it. :smile:
  3. I don't know if she is too young for proactive or not, but I have been using it for years, and it has been amazing for my skin!!!! It is very mild, doesn't make your skin dry, and I could tell a major difference in days!!!!! This stuff is insane!!