Need help please!!!!!!!

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  1. i just got the inclusion hair cubes yesterday , they came in a pair one in white and the other is pink. Anyway i was charge 270.00 for the pair before tax. I was sure that it cost less than what i paid, did they over charge me?:confused1: Thanks
  2. hmmm. im not sure...
    did you buy them individually?
  3. Inclusion hair cubes are pretty pricey and I think that is the price.:s
  4. No i brought them together they came in 2 , and i got it at bloomies
  5. Yeah that's the right price.
  6. ^^^ I was going to say sounds about right to me.
  7. Yeah my phone charm is now up to $240 lol.
  8. Crazy huh?

    ...but they're sooo effing cute!
  9. but what happens if the elestaic broke off from over streching? I have very thick hairs, none of my scrunchy last 5 days w/o the elastic break off....
  10. I do own a pair of their hair cubes when they first came out in 2001, and i have thick and long hair, but amazingly i still use them till now, the prices just taken me back , back then it was sold for 70.00 for 2
  11. I want those hair cubes too!

    But the price really turns me off... besides, LV probably won't fix it if those rubber bands snapped.
  12. I want one too but I'd rather have a bracelet instead.
  13. Yep they are!

    I just can't bring myself to pay that much for them. :crybaby: