Need help please!!

  1. I have a new marc jacobs purse in the red color. Well I set it in cat vomit today and I may have ruined it. Is there anything I can do? I called a shoe repair and they said I may need to dye it again. How do I get in contact with marc jacobs to see if they have any suggestions. Please let me know if you have any advice for me. I am so sad.
  2. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!...I just had a cat vomit visual go thru my head...bleck........LOL...

    SO sorry for you and your bag! Did you clean it right off? Post a pic so we can look and see if anyone can suggest anything.I would bring it to a leather specialist personally!
  3. i'm guessing the issue is that the acid in the vomit faded the dye??

    i'd call MJ & see if they can re-dye the bag for you...if it's a current color, they may be willing. def. worth a call to one of the boutiques.
  4. I am guessing I will need to re-dye it. I have emailed somebody at MJ I have not heard back yet it was late this afternoon. what type of boutique should I call. Has anyone dyed their bag? I am wondering how much it will cost, but I really want my bag fixed. It is the firebird red turnlock bowler
  5. Call any of the MJ boutiques, you can find contact info on the MJ website. Good luck!
  6. Kimber, I recommend taking your bag to a leather specialist asap, do no wait anymore. Specialist does an amazing job with re-dye, cleaning, touch-up, etc. I was considering Chanel's Classic Flap last year, the store manager told me that they recommend/send the clients to a reputable specialist to get it re-dyed every 10 years.

    I read about a tPFer re-dyring her Chloe's Whiskey Paddy.

    Good luck. Hope everything works out.
  7. Do you think I need to get MJ to re-dye it. I really love the color it is now. Can a leather repair match the color. I am waiting to hear back from the MJ, she is out of town until Monday. Should I try to call Nordstrom's or Neiman Marcus to see what they say? Gosh I hope re-dying it will work. I have not seen another one anywhere to buy!
  8. Call and speak to another person at your local MJ boutique, maybe, they can recommend a place to send your bag to. Many high-end boutiques (Chanel, Fendi, Ferragamo, etc) send their stuffs to a local leather specialist who can do a really.....really good job.
  9. I will call MJ boutiques tomorrow and see what they say. I live in Houston Texas I don't think there is a local boutique here, which I cannot believe. I wonder what the cost would be, any idea? Thanks for your help:smile:
  10. one other idea...if you happen to have gotten it from nordstrom, there's a pretty good chance they'd exchange it for you - they're pretty amazing that way.
  11. You can also call your local Nordstrom or NM (or any other big boutique), I'm sure they can recommend a local specialist to take your bag to. I remember a tPFer only re-dyed part of her bag so a good place can do a very good job with color-matching.

    As for the cost, call FACTOTUM Leather Repair (the manager of my local Nordstrom recommended this place as well) tomorrow and ask for an estimate. The contact info can be found here:
    Margaret's Factotum Expert Leather Repair
  12. The lady from MJ emailed me and suggested I call the boutique in NY. I called and they told me to call leather repair. It was closed for some holiday. I called Margaret's place that baglover suggested. The guy there said to send it to him and if he could not get the stain out he would not charge me. He said it would cost a little over $100. He said something about putting a protective covering on the bag to protect it, anyone ever do this? Why would MJ not do this or recommend it?
  13. Yom Kippur would be the holiday. Marc jacobs is a predominately Jewish company, so this makes sense.
  14. Yes that was the holiday he said on the recording:smile: