need help please!


Oct 3, 2006
hi guys! i really need help in deciding what to get...i only have funds for one bag.a pre-owned LV polly is available for me,after browsing thru the forum and seeing pictures i decided to get it BUT i made a mistake of going to our LV store here, i found out that there are only 2pcs. mahina large available and it is also limited (accdg to my sa).

both are priced the same making it harder for me to choose just one.should i go with the polly or get the mahina?



Call me Kenny.
May 2, 2006
London, England
LV Polly, without a doubt. No offence but the Mahina is pretty common and can be bought at a later date. I'm sure your SA just means the colour you're interested in will be discontinued.