Need help please.

  1. My husband is getting me a louis vuitton bag as a valentines day gift. i just dont know which one to choose? trevi pm or tivoli pm? please help thanks.:rolleyes:
  2. the shape...
    what a wonderful husband!!!
    Happy valentines bella..
  3. Wow---that's a tough one. I love both bags! Here are my thoughts on both. (I own the Tivoli PM.)
    I love Damier---I have the Berkeley! Advantages of damier is no vachetta and you can carry it in ANY weather and not worry over it! My guess is the Trevi will be a little heavier than the Tivoli.
    Tivoli advatages - very lightweight----extremely easy to get in and out of and you can see all the bags contents! Super cute style.
    Personally I think the Trevi is a dressier bag and the Tivoli is a tad more casual.
    Good luck with you choice! You'll LVoe either!:tup:
  4. I love them both! If you like the Damier because of the ease of taking care of the bag, the Trevi is for pretty. It's also about $500 more than the Tivoli, so if cost is an issue that might be something to think about as you could get the Tivoli PM and a Porte Tresor International Wallet to match for the same price as the Trevi. They are both absolutely gorgeous purses. I'm waitlisted for the Tivoli PM and that's going to be my next bag, so I have a fondness for that one. But the Trevi PM is gorgeous too! You might want to call ahead though on either of these bags. I think they are both sold out and are waitlist items so he might not be able to just walk into a boutique and purchase either one on the spot.

    Good luck! Let us know what you pick!
  5. They are totally different bags. One is a mono handbag (tivoli) the other a damier ebene handbag/ with longer strap for the shoulder. I have a picture of the tivoli gm and trevi pm on my thread next to each other
    My hearts/cases with new is on page 3
  6. Of course trevi, its a fab damier bag.
  7. :cursing:Thanks , so much for your help. i will keep you guys posted for sure once i get it. both bags are on hold until today i just have to make up my mind by today, its so hard.
  8. Trevi gets my vote!
  9. I also prefer the Trevi.
  10. your collection is beautifull newcitylady.
  11. I love the Tivoli!
    I think it has such a fun, feminine shape.
  12. tivoli tivoli tivoliiii!
  13. oo both stunning bags i wouldnt know what to choose!!
  14. Trevi PM! the shape is so pretty and the red alcantara is even better :biggrin:
  15. I vote for the Trevi too!