need help....please

  1. I bought Chanel classic medium beige lambskin last August 07. I placed an order by phone at Saks another state to avoid paying tax. Using about 2-3 times, I just find out that the stitching on the bottom corner was starting to come loose. I tried to put it in by myself, but now the thread was entirely out. In this case, can I fix it at the Chanel boutique because there are no Chanel shop at Saks in Chicago. And what else should I bring beside the bag (authentic card or receipt)? Are they going to lose my dust bag or authentic card? Since I read some thread, some people lost their dust bag and authentic card after they did bag treatment or after fix their bag. I am afraid of that will happen to me. :crybaby:
  2. Sorry to hear that! do bring the authenticity card with you for proof and also your receipt of purchase so they will see when it was purchased and you 'll get a free repair/service BUT don't leave them there ,just to show them!Also it''s up to you to claim a refund or get another new one too since it's less than a year from the time of purchase-they might object in the beginning but you're entitled to it!
    my sister had a refund and bought something else eventually after 5 months!
    FYI since Chanel is a European brand the EU commercial law applies= 1 year guarrantee ,no matter where it is sold!
    I'd also like to say ,since I'm a lambskin lover too, that I would have them repair it cause this year's lambskin is not the same in quality,unfortunately!
    Hope it helps and GL!:yes:
  3. thank you so much chanelspell. :smile: