need help please

  1. Hello girls
    i need help from expertise in how to clean the blackness at the back of my red jambo:crybaby:

    I’m very stupid even I know that the abaya* :sweatdrop: *give black color to bags that with light colors I forget to take with me another bag to my trip to DUBAI
    I wear my chanel for 4 days and look what happen, please help me.. is there any kind of Lotion that i can use to clean it :crybaby:

    thanx alot in advance
    IMG_1480.JPG IMG_1481.JPG IMG_1482.JPG
  2. Take it into Chanel and ask their advice.They should be able to clean it. Good luck.
  3. I second that you should consult Chanel and if need be have them clean it.
    I wouldn't use anything for fear of having stain marks or fading. It will look new again.
  4. I have read in this forum that baby wipes do wonders but if you have a Chanel store near you it is better to ask their help. Good luck...
  5. Take your bag to the Chanel boutique for cleaning....
  6. is it lamb?
    I wouldn't try cleaning it w/ baby wipes or myself if it's lamb:nogood:
  7. I too thought baby wipes at first, but I see your bag is the perfo leather, best to take it to Chanel.
  8. baby wipe or magic eraser is good for caviar cleaning, but since urs is perfo....i'd let Chanel clean it, perhaps you can apply some protectant coat on it afterwards to prevent it happen again. Do a search to see which protectant spray fit your need in this form. good luck!
  9. thanks a lot everyone
    I’ll work by your advise and send my bag to the boutique unfortunately we dont have any the nearest one in Dubai but since my dada going to London the next week I’ll send it with him specially that he bought it to me from there

    thanks alot for your help everyone :biggrin:
  10. good luck!
  11. Call the boutique and ask them