Need help .... please.

  1. I never think to sell any bags of my collection before until lately I want a new watch which is going to be a white J12 diamond bazel (~2,400 GBP), Jumbo Flap (if it will soon come in Pink ~ 1,200) and a Neo Cabby MM (740 GBP) so I plan to get rid of all my guccis and some stuffs that I rarely used them.

    My question is which one I should get it first? J12 seems to be a long waiting as the price is quite expensive for me. I want a Neo Cabby MM loads but if I buy it, I have to start saving since 0 again for a J12. Forget about a Jumbo falp as it did not come in Pink yet.

    Anyway, I got many watches (4 Guccis, 1 Fendi, 1 Chanel Chocolat, 1 cartier pasha, 2 Moschino, 1 Burberry, 2 Dior, 2 Tag heuer, and a lot of high st. watches) but J12 seems to be my dream watch. Last time I bought a Cartier Pasha and I promised to myself it would be my last watch but I still think of a J12.

    Please, help me choose. As someone stated that black Neo cabby will not be a permanent. I'm still a student and even 500 GBP is worth a lot to me. If I pay for a bag then J12 will still be a very long journey to go. Thank you! :tup:

    Here is the photo of Neo Cabby MM in Black
    img10153086154.jpg img10153086161.jpg
  2. well if the J12 will be there a for a very long time
    then you will still have time to save for it...
    As for the neo cabby... if they discontinue it... its gone...
    So... maybe get the bag now and start saving for the watch next ;)
  3. :push: I do think so too but you know J12 price is increase more and more ....
  4. If you have your heart set on the watch, get it first. You could always find a black Neo Cabby on eBay or Let-Trade if it gets discontinued before you have a chance to get all the money.