Need Help, Please :)

  1. Hi all, nice to find this forum. So glad there're so many Balenciaga fans :heart:

    I finally got the chance to purchase my first Balenciaga bag but I couldnt' decide between the three colours, nero(black) or mer fonce(dark ocean blue) and chocolat, for The City. Since it's going to be my first one, I'm really confused now. :sad: I think the City is more suitable for me as I'm still a student. But what about colours? Can anyone please give me some suggestions on which colour is going to be the best choice out of the three?

    Thank you all in advance. :smile:
  2. My first bag is gonna be a City in Black, it'll work with whatever I wear so that's why I chose it
  3. Hi- I would you also suggest black, because with black nothing can go wrong, you can wear it with everything! :yes:
  4. I would recommend black, too! I'm sure you'll love it!:yes:
  5. Black for sure!
  6. i agree with the others : Black City !!!
    It's a classic bag you can wear all the time.
    Maybe after the bbag'll go on another punchy colors !!!:wlae:
  7. black city is such a classic.
    but if u dressed a lot in blacks and would like to add a little bit of tone, i say go for the chocolate.
  8. Black imo is a great start!!!
  9. Black. It is the most versatile and easy to maintain.
  10. MY first B-bag will be black..and I Think that the most beautiful color for the First and for the City is really black!!
  11. I'd go with the dark blue myself...
  12. i would go with a different color then is made every if there is another color you like go for can always find black in the future
  13. Thanks everyone for the reply.. I know many of you must have answered similar Qs for a lot of times. :p

    I know black is a colour that is easy to match and will never go wrong. And to be honest, I also like brown and marine colours... so difficult to decide as they're all gorgeous!! But I'm very surprised so many people suggest black as the first buy. Maybe I should go for something more normal first then, and save up for my next one. :heart:

    But still thanks everyone for all your help. I'll let you all know what I get at the end... even though it might take me a while... I'm terrible at deciding things in general anyway...:shrugs:
  14. Maybe you should look at your closet and see what color bag you use the most? I recently bought my first First and thought I wanted black, but when I looked at my closet I realized I haven't worn a black bag in a long time, I always end up using colors because my wardrobe is always dark (black, dark grey, etc). So I ended up with the rouille (reddish orange) and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!
  15. out of those 3 colors that you've mentioned, I like the chocolat :drool: