Need help please, total bag confusion.. long rant

  1. ok, i am in need of some serious H counseling here, and am calling on the wisdom and taste of all you fabulous gals. . .i'm having an h identity crisis, or something like that.'s the story: i've been wanting a birkin for the longest time, and now that I am able to afford one, I have started looking around, and have seen a few, even have one on "reserve" for the incoming bags for fall/winter. . ..but, over the past week or so, i've really started questioning if this is the style bag for me.. .i still really love how it looks on people carrying it, but i am used to a bag that i can throw on my shoulder. ..also, my current bag is totally slouchy (just a big sac, really, no structure), that i stuff everything in.. .so, i am really questioning having a bag that is a) quite structured, and b)only possible to carry by hand/in crook of arm. I've been looking around at all the styles i can find lately.. . .went to h again today, convinced that the bolide 1923 was the bag for me (love the shape of the bolide, but just can't deal with that oval -- what is it for, really?) . . .tried on a beautiful one in gold swift with lighter stitching . .love the style, but it looked funny on me. . .i don't know how to explain it except it looked like i was carrying a bag meant for someone older than myself. ..perhaps because the the bag was a bit small for my taste and just looked kinda dainty? usually i go for something a bit bigger. . .or could be cause i look very young for 30 (about 18, i'm often told :sad:). .i then tried on a gorgeous rouge vif chevre whitebus which looked stunning, but also very rigid, and really intended as a sort of briefcase, no? not a purse. . . .uggh, so now i am confused.. which bag is right for me? anyone have any suggestions? i really need something to fit my lifestyle. . i love simple and classic, but need it to be casual enough that i don't look "funny" carrying it. . .and i would like something more structured than my current bag, but still a bit "sporty" looking. . is there an H bag out there for me? Perhaps a style I'm not yet familiar with? Thoughts, suggestions, anyone??? :hysteric:(on a happier note, i am pleased to report that I had no problem in deciding quickly on my new dogon in rouge vif togo, and a les girafes carre!! :yahoo:)
  2. I totally feel your pain! I am in a similar boat. I have wanted a birkin for so long, I was quite astounded how much I loved the Kelly when I tried it on. I am still undecided, but I love the fact that the Kelly can be worn over the shoulder, is lighter than teh birkin so it is easier to wear hand-held/crook of the arm, and it can be dressed up or down.

    But since you are looking for something sporty- why not look at the Trim, Garden Party, Evenlyn, and depending how tall you are- the JPG Birkin might be just the perfect match!

    The Paris Bombay is another wonderful option. It is a satchel style, and so beautiful. Not sure if it can be worn over the shoulder though.
  3. How about the Massai if you want something that fits over the shoulder? That would be a casually Hermes bag but also very gorgeous.

    I see where you're coming from on the indecision fence, I'm in the same case.
  4. You should definitly try JPG birkin!! Maybe its what you're looking for :smile:
  5. What about the plume? I just love the shape - and my 32 fits on my shoulder as well (without a thick coat).
  6. like addicted, my first thought after reading your post was: PLUME
  7. I have a 35cm Black Togo Birkin. I lusted after the bag and basically ranted about it long enough that my hubby got the clue and bought me one. I love the bag. I love how I feel when I carry it. I just loved the entire experience of wanting it for so long, finally getting the call, driving to store frantically, the ceremony with which it was presented and being able to nonchalantly say "ok I'll take it" while I thought I might faint inside. :smile:

    On the flip side, I have a hard time with it at times. I don't dare tell my husband how hard it is for me to carry it. It is a large bag and I am very careful not to hit walls, etc with it so there's a little bit of stress for me, because frankly if it gets hurt how can I possibly find another one quickly to replace it?? I am now on the hunt for a Kelly as I love the fact that it's smaller and has the shoulder strap option. If I were you I would seriously check out the Massai PM size (duna has one that is stunning). They are soft and luxurious, roomy, slouchy and elegant all in one. If you want more structure get the Kelly. You could get the softer Kelly with the inside stitching that is not quite as formal as the rigide Kelly.

    I totally hear you about that oval on the Bolide. I really wish it didn't have that, but I love the rest of the bag.

    If you desperately want a Birkin perhaps get a smaller one than the 35. My understanding is that the JPG is quite large and heavy so be careful. It's quite hard to decide especially in light that you can't just return it for a refund at the Hermes boutique so take your time and ask us all you need to ask.
  8. i'm with Perja on this one: the Massai. it'll hold whatever you stuff into it, sling over your shoulder, look youthful and unstuffy and still be beautiful and unique. if you're not very tall, it might overwhelm your frame; other than that, it seems to fit the bill.
  9. I vote for the Plume! Easily can be either handbag or shoulderbag and it's shape can accomodate lots of stuff. I think if you stay away from Box or Chamonix in Black you'll have yourself a lovely daily bag with a chic yet casual look.
  10. I would want to know more about your daily routine before I gave a definite answer.
    I live in a city where one has to drive a car everywhere and a Birkin is great. It sits on the passenger seat while I drive, and I can reach over feel anything in it and pull it out. It never turns over. You can easily see into it.
    In a city that you walk a lot or use public transportation, the Birkin gets very heavy and tiring.
    In some traveling situations, the Birkin will drive you crazy, being heavy, hard to stash under seat of plane, and the worrying about it in general.
    That said, I LOVE Birkins. You will not go wrong if you get one. So what if you do not carry it every day? Why not get the Birkin first and then get another Hermes bag later.
    What color, leather choices do you have in the Birkin on hold?
  11. ladies.. thanks for all of the very thoughtful, helpful advice.. .:flowers::flowers::flowers: i really can't get over how great of a community this is, and how helpful everyone has been to me. .i hope i can help out someone one day too when i'm more knowledgeable... first,golconda, i really love the birkin, it is just difficult for me to imagine myself carrying a bag in my hand or on my arm all day, and i'm always schlepping around all kinds of other stuff too, both in new york, and here in italy. . and i really need something for "everyday". ..well, i have considered the plume, despite the fact that my initial thought was too boxy. boutique had an elan that i tried today in natural vache liegee (nice color, not my fave leather). ..kinda liked it for some reason i can't put my finger on, but not sure i can go for something so boxy,plus, i found it a little hard to get into - it doesn't open very wide . .that being said, i am still thinking about it, maybe in a more "natural" leather i would love it? i've been looking for pics in a softer leather in a gold or lighter neutral, but haven't found it yet. . .I've considered the massai as well, but did want something a little more on the structured side (I am trying to get away from the totally soft bag look). . . maybe dh is right about me being too picky . ..:rolleyes:
  12. What about a Trim, a great bag, several sizes, comfortable to carry. When I carry a Trim I am always reminded how hard it is to see into the darned thing. (Everything is in easy view in a Birkin.) Every bag has its drawbacks.
  13. I've got the 32 cm black togo Kelly- very 'everyday' comes with a 'strap'.
  14. Exactly my thoughts about the trim (and problem with my current bag too), is too hard to find stuff! That is a big plus of the birkin - oh, forgot to tell you the color/leather combo i have on hold is Natural Fjord with gold hardware. .if only the birkin could have longer handles!!! (but not the JPG, I just don't find it attractive, IMO) . .so, hmm. ..i'm thinking about the plume. . .seeing one in a good leather/color combo would sure be helpful. . .they need one hermes "showroom" where they have an example of every bag in every color and leather combo so you can see them all! (omg, i'd pass out on the floor :nuts: )