Need help Please to Authen. Bag

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  1. Sorry, I posted this message in the General Forum.

    Hi Gals,
    I did the most stupid thing and I'm going to kick myself in the head. I just saw a Damier Chelsea and it is going to end in less than 11 hours. This is what I always wanted to haul my stuff & to use it as a diaper bag. I did some research on the seller and she seems honest (Platinum seller) and her items are gaurantee authentic. With less than 12 hours, I quickly emailed Carol from my pouppette (don't know when she will reply) and also to the seller about having more pictures of the LV logo inside (kinda late now). Idon't know what went on in my head, but I made a bid without waiting. What do you think? Authentic or FAKE........

    Thanks for your help.
  2. Hi
    I think this seller is legit- don't know for sure. You can always retract your bid- just click site map on ebay.
  3. the Damier Chelsea look authentic to me
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