Need help please on my next colour K or B

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  1. I already have

    Kelly 28, Raisin, Black, Tosca.

    Birkin 30, Orange.

    Illico, Argile

    Piciton, Gris T

    Herbag Zip, Blue Azure, Bougainvillier.

    But I am really having a hard time trying to find my next colour KorB any suggestions welcome, my first though was blue but nothing is jumping out at me .
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    There is no etoupe in there which would be my first choice - a Kelly 32 with PHW. Also not a green either. None of the current crop of greens light my fire but a chartreuse or very anis kelly would also be dreamy.

    I just posted a rose confetti evelyne III which is on UK.H.Com. Now I would love that too and you don't have many summer colours. (Not that we really need them in the UK but it is such a pretty pink).

    What a lovely decision to have. Good luck.
  3. thank you cheapfrillnorth know what you mean about the greens not sure if bambou would be to bright for me , need to look more at the turqouise,blue izmir some pics look blue others look green confused . As for etoupe I really prefer Gris T as a colour, would it be silly to do a SO in Gris T if I dont like anything else?
  4. I have never seen Gris T IRL and from the pics I think it makes a amazing B or K. I don't mind having bags in the same colour particularly if they serve a different purpose. For me that's black. I have 3 H black bags - plume, jige and initial and they all have their place.

    That said, Hermes do so many amazing colours and at this stage in my collection I would prefer not to double up on colours unless I absolutely loved it.
  5. I'd keep an open mind for a new color... Just go into H & see what strikes your fancy

    H does a beautiful range of greens.. vert anis is a gorgeous color & one of my favorites

    Would you consider an exotic skin? Lizard perhaps or ostrich??
  6. Yellow! But not sure whether soufre or other yellow is available this season though! :smile:
  7. You already have an amazing collection, but I don't see any red in there. H has so many great reds -- rouge H, rouge Garrance, rouge Casaque if you want something brighter. How about red?
  8. ^ I agree Red or maybe Gold/Camel?
  9. how about a neutral birkin as a complement to your orange?

    Gold, etain, etoupe or a neutral/dark blue?
  10. Check out convert. Kelly in this blue is really beautiful.
    I though of Gold too, very easy to match, classical Hermes...
  11. sorry, this autocorrect is never correct! I meant COLVERT of course
  12. Hmm I'd say a red or blue. There is a dark green coming out for FW'14, but I personally find green a hard colour to wear.
  13. I think an etoupe or some type of red would be an amazing addition to your collection!
  14. RC, RG, ultra violet?

    Or peachy/reddish shades like flamingo, crevette, sangrine?
  15. Red or blue and only if it will work with your wardrobe, consider yellow or green. I personally would not get anything yellow or green because I just don't wear those and they won't go with clothes I wear.