Need Help Please Jimmy Choo Bag /Fiocchi Italy

  1. Hi All
    I been looking at your board for a few weeks and only managed to join today:smile:
    Without even saying hello I have a problem and im wondering if anyone could help,I bought a jimmy choo bag of ebay 100% AUTHENTIC NEW JIMMY CHOO HAND BAG TURQUOISE (item 260044834706 end time 23-Oct-06 21:37:47 BST)

    But I normally always buy in boutiques and buy the odd thing of ebay and sell alot instead!
    When I recieved the bag I just had a funny feeling there was something wrong but after checking it out a bit me and my mother thought we were just being paranoid

    However the main thing being the snap/popper on the normal Jimmy choo keyring was silver and had Fiocchi Italy on it...and All my other Jimmy Choo bags At least in comparison with 3 I had bought Myself Said Nothing And were Gold!
    Today My friend was showing me a fake Burberry wallet she Had Recieved and to my horror I seen Fiocchi Italy on the popper :cursing: !!!

    Can anyone help or does anyone know anything about Fiocchi Italy ?

    Thanks :rolleyes:
  2. One of my Jimmy Choos has a Fiocchi Italy snap button. I looked at the auction photos and the interior lavender lining strip looks authentic to me. Do you have any photos of the interior of the bag that you took personally? Also, anything else about it that you're not sure about?
  3. I have just purchased a Coccinelle bag from I have never bought from them before but my sister has.

    I just noticed my coccinelle bag also has a fiocchi stud. Should I be concerned?
  4. this a verryyyyy old thread !
  5. I guess Dolce & Gabbana buying snaps from Fiocchi. Because i bought Dolce & Gabbana jeans in Dolce & Gabbana boutique in NYC and on the buttons on one side it says D&G and on the other Fiocchi Snaps.