Need Help, Please...How Do I Find A Puppy? PuppyFind? Online?

  1. Hello,

    I post this at a time when I am very upset and tired of looking for a new puppy. It shoudn't be this hard. I guess here are the basics, I have been looking for a new dog for a long time. I looked at shelter dogs, unwanted puppymill dogs and so many others just didn't fit. Please don't hate me as I have rescused many dogs within the past, but decided on a Brussels Griffon puppy (for many, many reaons). I guess the catch is, there is only one (maybe two breeders) within my area. So, I contacted them and they had three puppies for sale.

    I am disabled/terminally ill and don't, it's really hard for me to go and look at dogs. The breeder sent me pics and I selected a dog, I was soooo excited and they seemed really nice people. I telephoned and that dog was now sold! I was so, I took the last pup (which I really didn't want because she has a really dark face color wise, but hey-I am just happy to get a puppy now I guess) they had and we talked he said he would let me know, but he thought they could just come by my house and show me the dog (because of my condition and not driving)...this was last night at about 6pm, I waited up for hours, all dressed and everything (p.s. I don't get dressed, because I am sick) 11pm no one called me or said they weren't coming. I emailed the guy really nice and just said "Hello, I am terribly sorry for my disability as I know it can be such an inconvenience sometimes. It's about 11pm and I didn't hear from you whether you would be able to bring the little Brussel's puppy by. I sincerely look forward to hearing from you." Okay, ahhh now I am crying-again. :crybaby:

    So, now I have looked do I buy a puppy online out of state? Please, I wish to protect myself....has anyone ever purchased a puppy from

    I am going out (my once a month out of the house) on Tuesday and will look through all of the shelters, again...but, I just don't know what to do.

    Thank you so much for your help! I hope everyone is having a better weekend than I am! best wishes.:heart:
  2. I am sorry to hear this happened to you - it's very inconsiderate and downright rude that they would basically ignore you like that. With that said, however, I personally would not want to buy a puppy online, as very few reputable breeders would engage in "blind selling" over the internet. Also, you mentioned that you were terminally ill and disabled and so it's hard for you to move around - are you sure that you will be able to handle and train a puppy? I would think that an older, housebroken dog might be more suitable, but again I obviously don't know your condition. Good luck though!
  3. I agree, are you sure you are going to be able to train/handle a new puppy?

    OK, that said, I DID buy my French Bulldog from and I would NEVER do that again ... you would have to go to the airport to pick up your puppy ..... and let me tell you, my little guy was PETRIFIED! To this day he is scared to death to even ride in a car!
    I would find a more local breeder for sure. Do you have a friend or relative who could help out maybe?
    Our other two dogs were more local but still out of state and we had to drive a couple of hours each way but I would do that again in a heartbeat before I would EVER ship a dog again - YUK.

    Good Luck and God Bless :smile:
  4. I'm a big fan of rescue groups and would take in every stray animal there was if I had the room. That being said, I got my Pomeranian from a rescue through and had a great experience with them. He was in a foster home about an hour from my house and I went to have a visit and brought him home that day. I've never been to puppyfind, but I'm guessing it may be a similar setup. PetFinder doesn't sell directly, but rather they host listing from breeders, rescues, etc. (Again, I always go with rescues because no animal should ever have to fall through the cracks and suffer because someone didn't want them :sad:). also has an option to search for particular breed so you shouldn't have a problem finding the brussels griffon.

    Good luck!
  5. Your story breaks my heart. How rude of those people and not realizing how hard it is for you. I don't have a solution, but I wish you lots of luck finding a pet that is best for you. Good luck!
  6. I don't want to be a wet blanket, but uf you are terminally ill, have you thought of who will care for the pup should he outlive you? And do you perhaps qualify for a therapy dog? You could check out some of the websites that promote dogs for the disabled, such as Paws For Cause and Companion Dogs. If the pup should outlive you, they will rehome him/her for you.

    Please don't even think of keeping a puppymill in business. I know it's tempting to rescue one of these pups, but you would also be perpetuating another littler born for no other purpose other than to make money. I would also be concerned that you yourself wouldn't be able to deal with a pup who will more than likely have his own set of disabilities and medical probelms. You don't need that at ALL.

    Try They can connect you with breed rescues of purebreds, but don't feel bad if they dont' allow you to adopt one because of your medical condition either. Their main focus is a forever home for the dogs they have.

    Good luck. I'm also disabled although not terminal and I know how important my dogs are to me in the manner of my own well-being.
  7. I agree with what everyone said. There are a lot of rescues in AZ ( I am not too sure where you are in AZ), but definitely checkout I personally think it's better to get an older house broken dog because you wouldn't have to train him/her. ABLE is also in AZ and they might be able to help you get transportation. Good luck to you!
  8. Hello,

    Thank you soooo much heartnaspade, queenvictoria2, juliebugg2000, boxermom, speedy and babjae1101! :flowers:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I completely understand and appreciate everyone's concern with regards to getting a dog in my condition. I had a pekingese for over 10 years (until she passed away) and always managed. I am a little bit sicker now, than before...but I have stopped going in for surgeries every, I actually think I would be able to put more towards a dog now than ever before. It was hard at times to manage having my dog and being sick, but the reward I got from having her as company and so many other positive's, by far out weighed the negatives. I felt my peke actually helped me and motivated me. I have discussed getting a puppy/dog with all of my doc's, family and friend's...everyone thinks it will be a great idea and good for me. I really appreciate everyone being so thoughtful and sweet though.

    I do agree that a little bit older dog may be good. Speedy, I checked out and sent emails to all of the breeders within my area. Thanks!

    I don't think the breeder I spoke to that has the one puppy left is a puppymill. From what it sounds like, they are actually just a family that breeds dogs and has a big farm out somewhere near by. I am still interested in the one pup they have left and just can't decide.

    Also, I did end up finally hearing back from the other breeder within my area (it took her 2+ months to respond to my email, I don't know if this is a bad sign). She has a 6 month old and he may be perfect for me, since he's a little bit older and potty trained.

    I did check the online ads (again) featuring dogs within shelters too. There was a little dog, but her adoption fee was $500 - yikes. The Brussel isn't too much more than that! So, I think I will call and find out about that little shelter dog too.

    Has anyone ever used PuppyFind before? I have looked at a few pups on there and most of the seller's have websites...but, a few look like family breeders. I know looks can be deciving, so I would have to be very careful...and I am not really sure how to send that kind of money and ensure I will receive a pup if I bought from PuppyFind.

    Thanks again for everyone's help. If you have any other ideas, please feel free to let me know! Here's a pic of the one little pup left from that breeder (she's the darker one...I really wanted a lighter pup, but this is the only one they have left)...I have been planning and minimally looking for over a year now, I am now getting impatient and don't know if maybe that's why I am getting anxious. Should I purchase this puppy (even though she's darker and I wanted a lighter one?) -or- wait for a possible shelter dog/another lighter Brussel's puppy.

    Thank you again with all of my heart for your help. best wishes!




  9. beautifulbasics, you need to clean out your PM box :yes: I sent you another PM and it won't go through because your box is full, you popular gal you!
  10. What cute puppies! I have preferences in color too, but more important for you is the personality of the puppy. Which one is more likely to adapt to your situation? You don't want one that is constantly begging for lots of activity (like our Boxer, haha) or a very anxious puppy.

    I've been thinking about you a lot and sending good thoughts for something to work out well for you. Hugs!
  11. DO NOT use puppyfind, it's just terrible breeders trying to sell their dogs! can be helpful for finding breeders.
  12. i always check out my local SPCA...:tup:
  13. What about They have a VAST amount of pups... all you have to do is limit your search to "baby" and put in your zip code. I bet you'll see lots of loving faces there that would be love you forever! :yes:

    ETA: There are probably lots of people who would help transport a pup to you if you adopted a dog!
  14. have you checked the newspaper? or try again at a animal shelter.
  15. Awwww what cute puppies! I think the little dark one is precious!

    I just wanted to say good luck in your search!
    You'll know when you meet the right pup!!