Need HELP!!! Please check photos!

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  1. #1 Sep 20, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2012
    Hi ladies. I did a poll last week about the 2 bags I'm confused with to buy. Finally I bought 1 yesterday before I left SG. Upon close inspection of the bag, I noticed that there's a circle embossed near the rivets. I attached the photos here. Im hoping you'll be able to see them, it's not that noticeable but The thing is I wanted it replaced coz I kept on thinking about it since I noticed it this morning. Im already here in manila and i will be in SG again on november 14 (the 30 days return policy expires at that time) Can I return it at the Louis Vuitton store here eventhough I purchased it in SG? Also, what are your thoughts of me wanting them to be replaced? Thanks for any response!!! c",)

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  2. No photos attached...

    I think you may be able to return it because I witnessed a return/exchange in Canada and they said they bought it elsewhere...
  3. Hi, done uploading, please look at them! Thanks a lot! c",)
  4. Hmm... I thought by "small circle", it was an employee purchase mark... but that one looks like it was marked before the rivet went in...

    Definitely go to your local store and see if you can exchange it there....
  5. yes u can.u just need to bring the receipt with u :smile:
  6. definitely exchange it -- the circle would bother me, too.
  7. Thanks for this! Will try to go to local store this week! c",)
  8. I know, right? I hope they exchange it even-though it was bought overseas. Will try to visit our local store, keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks again for the reply! c",)
  9. oh my, that's definitely a flaw

    take it in to the nearest shop in manila!

    hope it all works out
  10. Good luck, let us know how it goes.
  11. Thanks for the support dear! It helps a lot, gives me hope! Lol c",)
  12. Thank you! Will keep you posted! c",)
  13. Keep us posted. I would return it.
  14. Hi ladies. Just want to let you know that I went to our local LV Store this afternoon. I showed them the bag and the SA exchange it. I'm soo soo happy! Thank you all for the response! c",)