Need Help Please!!! Bearn vs. Kelly Long Wallet

  1. Should I get another Bi-Fold Bearn wallet or should I get the Kelly Long Wallet? What are the pro's and con's of the two wallet? Which one will you choose and why?
  2. I like the Bearn better as I don't like the horizontal card access. I like my cards to be vertical.
  3. Kelly can be worn as small pochette, so much more elegant and much much more expensive

    I am considering one too
  4. A bi fold bearn is $2,200 and a KL is $2,600?
  5. Well both are beautiful, but I think the bearn is a little too delicate. If you already have the bearn, go for the kelly.
  6. Thanks zrusky7, ken-doll & baggrl for helping me choose my next wallet. The reason why I am holding back on the Kelly Long Fold Out wallet is because I'm afraid its gonna be inconvenient to remove the 2 straps everytime I open up my wallet. Does anyone feel the same way?
  7. yes, i have tried them and it is a pain for me. I prefer the bearn. I don't know what is delicate about the bearn??
  8. I have both and use the bearn more as it's easy to get in/out of, and takes up less space, so it can easily fit into a smaller bag without having to switch wallets. But if you have a bearn, you can always try the kelly wallet-- it can be used as a small clutch too :smile:
  9. I will skip the opening/closing of the straps, most kelly bag owners does that
  10. I love the looks of the Kelly wallet and would have loved to have gotten one---but since I have some small bags (25 lizzie birkin and a Kelly cut clutch already), I bought a bearn with a gusset (in an exotic to make it extra special). It has a slimmer profile. The Kelly long wallet wouldn't have fit in the Kelly cut and I didn't want the protruding clasp to ding the inside of my other bags. If I hadn't already had the Kelly cut clutch I might have gone for the Kelly long wallet and also used it as a clutch.

    Also, if you get the Kelly long wallet and plan to use it mostly as a wallet (inside another bag), be careful of the leather (epsom and chevre will look better over time than box for this purpose, though box would be beautiful if used as a clutch). When I was considering the box Kelly long wallet, the SA and store manager (at an H in Nice, France) insisted that I keep it in a small dust bag in my handbag to keep it looking fresh if I were to also use it as a clutch. This was one of the reasons I passed on it at that time. However, no question the box Kelly wallet is stunning.

    Hope this helps. There are pros and cons to each. While I drool over the Kelly long wallet, I do love my rouge H alligator bearn, find it easy to use, and it fits into everything. :smile:

  11. I don't have the fold out one, but I have the gussetted one and I thought I would find the straps a PIA but I don't! It's not been any trouble at all! I love my Kelly Long wallet. Until H came out with that, I wasn't even considering an H one - nothing really fit the bill for me until the KL. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
  12. Thank you again zrusky7, ken-doll, baggrl, may3545, kipp & irishlass1029 for all your advices. I think I will visit my local H-store tomorrow and have my SA show me the Long Kelly wallet and see if that will work for me.:blush:
  13. I think it all depends upon what bag you are looking to use these wallets in, as well as how much wallet do you really need. I thought I needed the larger Kelly Long wallet instead of a bearn, but I don't. I found the kelly long wallet a bit clunky and cumbersome for me. I am also one of those people who like a thin wallet. Finally, I carry 30cm and 28cm sizes the most, so the kelly long was just too big. The combo of a bearn and a calvi let me have less bulk, more color and a lighter bag overall.
  14. I love the easy access of the Bearn, but KL wallet is just too cute. The last time I went to the boutique, I played with some of their wallets and I must say that my next wallet will have to be a Kelly wallet (in the smaller size though).
  15. Ok I admit to having them all. I LOVE wallets. I am using a AZAP now and loving it but it is more "under the radar". KL is great becuase it can also be a pretty clutch. The Bearn is a CLASSIC, nice size to fit even in a JIGE and comes in lots of colors, leathers and exotics. KL is bigger if you need more room.
    Touch them both, think of your lifestyle. The thing about a wallet is that you use it everyday~it should make you smile!