need help plaese :)

  1. Ok so I was trying to decide between the black or white mm lock bag but now my sa called and said she has a 277 reissue in black what should I do not want to make the wrong decision and loose out :wtf:
  2. I would go for the black.
  3. Which black 227?? the regular or metallic? Is the black w/ the MM lock the soft caviar?
  4. i'll go for the black reissue too
  5. reissue
  6. def black reissue! unless u don't like the gold hardware (i'm just guessing since you like the black and white classic with mm lock, which are both silver color)...
  7. go for the black...don't know what kind of climate you have where you live, but here we have long awful winters, and i'd want to make the most of my chanel bag and wear it as much as possible! JMO...
  8. Hey everyone thanks first off :smile: so I have at home the black & white distressed leather with mm lock and I have 2 say if I was rich I would keep both no questions asked they are soooo pretty but anyway I am loosing track of the real question so Black weatherd reissue or one of the the mm lock bags please help me beacause I am unable to come to a answer I guess the real deal is nobody wants to miss out on something that you can get again ::sad:((((
  9. Girls sorry but just wondering how hard it is to get a black reissue with gold hw Thanks Fran
  10. HARD....I 'll go for 227 black reissue, if you have extra $, get the white as the 2nd bag..
  11. Thats a hard decision. I'd go with the black.
  12. black distressed lambskin w/mm lock. I think this is what you have. I don't care for the black weathered bag.
  13. Get the reissue, I wasn't too sure about the distressed caviar bags either.
  14. I'd get the black reissue!
  15. black reissue.