Need reward!

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  1. She really IS a beauty! I love the deep embossing on her, too. Pomme is GORGEOUS!

    I know what you mean about it feeling too big in your hands...I've checked out the zippy myself, and immediately felt it was too big. I opted for the French Purse instead. I would keep your Pomme Zippy for a week and see if you want to use it. If not, return and get a different wallet in Pomme!
  2. So pretty ~ love pomme!
  3. the wallet is TDF!!! it's definitely a keepers...i have the same problem with my new Chanel wallet...the size is pretty similar to the vernis zippy wallet...and i have small hands! because my other wallets are pretty similar in size, i will use the wallet and change it out with the other wallets when i feel i don't want to hold such a big one, but it's definitely elegance in its own way!:yes:
  4. It's gorgeous....maybe if you carry it around a bit you'll get used to it. I tend to prefer big wallets. That way I can organize all my recent receipts.
  5. So pretty..I hope she grows on you...because she's just stunning!!
  6. I love Pomme! The color is gorgeous..hope it grows on you,if not just exchange it for a smaller Pomme wallet.
  7. Small hands or no small hands, this zippy wallet is perfect for all. I love this color and it is so versatile. You should definitely keep it. You will definitely get to use it and find that it is a very practical wallet.

    I love to get one in noisette color (I heard this color will discontinue soon).
  8. Congrats, the wallet is STUNNING - definitely keep it!
  9. the wallet is amazing! but if you have doubts... return it
  10. I just got that very wallet last week and totally love it!!!!! That red is so vibrant that now I want a Roxbury Drive in the same color.
  11. Congrats! Try and see how it is for a few days! It is really beautiful!
  12. IF I am the owner, I will keep it. It's really beautiful....
  13. I love this wallet. It is one of my favorites. I hope you keep it!
  14. I got a zippy last week and now when I pull it out of my bag it's like second nature. And it's SO easy to find things now! I think you will get used to the size quickly...and if not, you can always exchange for a zippy coin purse instead.

    if not you could always go for the delicious French wallet!