Need reward!

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  1. So my red zippy wallet arrived yesterday, I believe it's called the pomme d'amour, but I feel it is too big for my hands! I'm thinking of using this one as a mini clutch or something and buying another pochette perhaps? or should I just carry it around and see if it grows on me...? Anyone else have the really small hands problem?! lol
    zippy1.jpg zippy2.jpg zippy3.jpg
  2. I hope she grows on you, because she is a beauty!! But if you're not comfortable holding it, you could exchange it for a smaller wallet. They all look stunning in pomme!
  3. stunning, this wallet is just amazing :smile: Congrat's.
  4. She is beautiful! I love Pomme Vernis so much. :love:
  5. I love it. I'm not sure what you mean that it's too big for your hands though. Maybe you just need to get used to having a bigger wallet?
  6. its gorgeous! let it grow on you!
  7. It's gorgeous, but maybe you could try one of the smaller ones in pomme.
  8. Congrats!!
    I love all of the vernis zippy's! I have the amarante one and it is one of my favorite wallets!
  9. Thats lovely, Congrats.
  10. It's a beauty! I think you will soon fall in love with her!
  11. wow simply gorgeous! I love that red! congrats
  12. Maybe I was just being silly... it felt a little awkward to carry that's all :P You're right, maybe I'm not used to bigger wallets (yet)
  13. this wallet is too juicy :drool: I hope you will get used to it. Too gorgeous to let it go
  14. my sister can't wait to have it. It's really a gorgeous wallet don't let it go. You will get use to it, I'm pretty sure :smile:
  15. :yes:me too:tup: