Need help picking which bag to save up for...

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  1. Ok.

    I've been having one too many bad days in a row, from boy troubles to class credit problems! The thing is, I'm doing pretty well with my grades ( knock on wood), and I'm on my way to finishing up my second ( and final) semester while on exchange at a college in Tampa. In the spring I'll be going back home to finish up my senior year, and I think I deserve a reward for trying something new and doing well with it:P Plus, it would cheer me up to know I'm saving up for something fun. So, all you lovely ladies have infinite knowledge of handbags, and I was wondering if you had any suggestions for a fun bag to save up for. I'm looking for something preferrably $600 or under (I'm a student who barely works part-time!). I currently own a Botkier Clyde in Cognac, and a winter white coach pebbled leather duffle. I love them both very much, but they need a new friend. :smile:

    So, I'd appreciate any input you guys might have, I really need the cheering up. :smile:

    So far, I've been thinking of a Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 or 25, but I'm not sure. Paying that much for a bag that's not even leather seems a little silly- but it is a lovely bag. :-P

    thanks darlings:heart:
  2. I'd go for the Speedy- looks like a great pick-me-up!:biggrin:
  3. You can never go wrong with a LV pick-me-up and a speedy is a good choice!!!
  4. I feel the same way-- I love leather bags! Maybe one of the new spring Koobas or a spring Botkier-- the Bombay tote looks cute.
  5. Can't go wrong with a Speedy. Such a classic bag. What about the Damier Papillon 26? I love mine :love:
  6. Don't get the speedy! I got a speedy 30 as my first piece and it only resulted in me wanting more LV! LOL Seriously, the good quality of LV is addicting. The speedy is a good choice.
  7. I would go for the Damier Speedy (which is coming out soon). I have a Damier Alma and I love that one, can't wait to get the speedy. Or even an Epi Speedy! Treat yourself - sounds like you deserve it!
  8. hmmm. :smile: Looks like the speedy is going to be the bag of choice.:love:

    I'll need to save for a little bit, hopefully by the end of the semester I can get it.

    thanks for the feedback girls.

    Christina, the damier papillon is cute too, and a little more unique. hmmm.
  9. i agree with the speedy. i hope you get it soon! i love the damier canvas a lot more than the monogram

    i hope you don't have anymore bad days! just think "damier speedy!" thinking about purses makes me smile when i'm not having a good day
  10. Speedy is an excellent choice, especially since it holds it's value if you take of it well.
  11. Mmm. Yes. Hope you can go shopping for it soon!
  12. Onecutespeedy Is The Way To Go Baby!!!!lolol
  13. get a speedy, i was skeptical of LV for a long time (i didn't understand why anyone would pay so much for a canvas logo bag) but since everyone here seemed to like theirs so much, i decided to give it a shot with a used Speedy (i prefer the patina look) and i'm ADDICTED. now i'm thinking of getting a tote bag just so i can carry an LV to class. seriously, they're great bags.

  14. the speedy is great and a classic style too popular amongst all age groups;)
  15. i think the speedy is a great choice, i'd wait for the damier though. it will be a bit pricier so if money is an object go for the mono one. also, you won't have to wait 'til june ;)