Need help picking out mono shawl color.....

Jul 23, 2013
Hey girls!!! I know you're all very familiar with LV so I wanted to get your opinion. I'm thinking I want a shawl for Christmas but can't decide on a color. I don't have a boutique near me so I will have to order from the website so I'm having trouble deciding since I haven't seen these in person. I'd like to be able to use it year round since I sometimes get cold in church. The only colors I do not wear are orange, yellow and red. My first thought is black bc it will go anything but then I thought the brown is pretty too. I love all the muted neutrals but can't really tell which is the prettiest of them. My fav color is pink so of course I love the new baby rose. To any of y'all who have seen these colors in person, any input is appreciated. Thanks!


Feb 8, 2012
Personally I think the black and purple are divine. Im actually considering buying the black next week.

Whatever your decision - i doubt you can go wrong. They are all lovely.

Happy holidays!


May 11, 2013
I think they are all beautiful & many are very versatile (Beige, Dune)

I love my Black monogram Shawl because for me it works for any & all occasions including funerals & I don't have to worry about staining it with makeup like I do when I use my Denim & other light colored shawls (reason I sold my Dune in new condition) GL deciding!


Mar 26, 2015
Sunrise shawl in brown. It has beige, to light brown to dark brown. It is 3 shawls in one because depending on how you fold it, you can show prominent beige, or dark brown or all three in a gradient as intended as a sunrise. Hope the description makes sense. I love mine!!! Good luck with your decision!!!


Jul 20, 2014
It depends on your wardrobe and perhaps skin tone too.
I had tried on the noir, denim, beige and pink. The denim and noir stood out the most and are more versatile for my wardrobe matching. Do note there's two pink. I guess just go ahead and get which ever color you fancy and return/exchange it if it doesn't work out for you ;)


Aug 6, 2012
If you think the black one goes with your wardrobe best, get it! For the first one I would take the most versatile one. My first one was a black shine, then I got the nude one, the black one, the sunrise blue, the sunrise brown, the turqouise, the rose shine, the rainbow blue/rose and the Last was the new baby rose- which is gorgeous! I First bought the ones which goes best with my wardrobe, then I added special ones. Hope this will help a little!