Need help picking out a watch, please!

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  1. I picked out the omega mini constellation, with diamonds in the matte finish. It is a little graduation from law school gift and I think it will be fine for work every day. I have my SA holding it for me til I can pick it up in a few weeks but was wondering what other watches you would recommend. I am small (5'1) and can't wear anything too giant for every day. Price up to around 6-7k ok. Thank you so much for your help - you are all so knowledgable!
  2. With your price range, I would consider more exclusive watch brands like Cartier, Rolex, and Jaeger-LeCoultre. Of the three I would consider a Jaeger-LeCoultre reverso. They are iconic watches among watch collectors and are very appropriate for your line of work. Just go to and hit the reverso link under collection.

    While I do think Omega watches are classic and well-constructed, I think that since you are investing quite a sum on a watch you should consider other brands in your price range. Look at as many watches as possible and, if in the end, you choose the Omega, you will do so without any regrets.

    Let us know what you do decide in the end :o)
  3. I also recently bought a watch for my graduation. I am also very petite, 4 11.5" and small boned so I understand your not wanted to wear a big watch for everyday. I would probably go with a watch with a 26mm face size or smaller. I found that any bigger than that just looked too oversize on my small wrist. I am not very familiar with omega, could you post a pic? Like Diana said, for that price range I would personally suggest a Rolex or Cartier, in terms of a good watch that will hold its value. I ended up getting a Rolex ladies datejust with diamond and mop dial and I love it for everyday. Congrats on your graduation!!
  4. I agree with Diana.
    I was considering Omaga last summer too. But after checking and trying at the jewelry stores, I ended up with a Rolex, and I'm so pleased that I might never buy any watch again for the rest of my life:love:.
  5. I agree with the ladies in their advice, your budget is good for a rolex, bulgari,and cartier so take your time and look around first...
    good luck
  6. Thank you. I am looking at Rolex, but haven't found anything "just right." I do love the cartier watches..hmmm..thank you!
  7. I'm with the other posters. If it were me I'd seriously consider Rolex or Cartier. Their offcial web pages might give you some good ideas on styles and you could ask your jeweler to bring them in to show you.
  8. Puh-lease...there's always one more to want, you can't fool us :p
  9. Congratulations on graduating - I remember thinking it would never happen :upsidedown:

    Definitely have a look around, and yes, definitely consider Rolex or Cartier. This is a big event, the commemorative jewellery should be significant :yes:
  10. Congratulations!! Diana gives great advise - I would suggest checking out Jaeger-Le Coultre along with Cartier, Rolex (I am not a huge Rolex fan though), Vacheron Constantin (they have some very beautiful and special pieces!). I am petite, just like you, and wear a simple Cartier and have been wearing it for 4 years now. Even though I have other watches, I can't seem to pick the others over this one. Good luck with your purchase!
  11. Congratulations on finishing law school!

    Rolex dateadjust might not be good for you because it's kind of huge and heavy. Cartier has daintier watches you can look into.
  12. I don't find my Rolex ladies datejust to be huge and heavy at all wrist is very tiny also...
  13. Congrats!!

    I'm not a fan of Rolex. I ever own one and worn it only a few times so I gave it away to my sis.

    I think Cartier is better and J12 in white is still on my dream :smile:
  14. hi. Everyone - I am deciding between the Cartier tank with the squared face and diamonds and the omega. The rolex were a little too bulky for me. I will get the watch on vacation next week! I also had to share that I picked up a beautiful long necklace from roberto coin today with circle links and a diamond xircle in the middle. It can be worn long or doubled. I will try to post a pic!
  15. I have a Rolex and recently bought the Omega Constellation mini with the diamond bezel and MOP face. I'm really enjoying it, after years of wearing the Rolex. It's a nice, sleek watch and it blends well with my wedding rings--without overpowering them. It may depend upon whether you want a round or square face.