Need help picking out a bag.....

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  1. I just bought the vintage ligne *tote* hobo in black and I LOVE it, but it isn't too big, I need something for work - something LARGE - any suggestions

    Can you please include pics and prices when you can?

    I am a HUGE fan of hobos and totes....

    also... what does the Cerf look like???


  2. Jenna, I'm not sure there is a vintage ligne hobo. Do you mean the bucket bag in that collection (attached).
  3. yes.. sorry - just ordered the Day (hobo) b-bag - so I have hobo's on the brain - lol!!!!
  4. No problem! So you don't think the bucket is big?

    You know, the majority of Chanel bags I have seen are all small to medium in size. Even my Reporter doesn't seem big in terms of fitting a lot of items. It's more bulky than roomy. I'm thinking maybe the cerf tote or grand shopping tote would suit your needs. I've never seen them IRL but there are pics in this forum.
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