Need help picking new bag for my mom

  1. My mom needs a new bag. I told her I'd treat her one for Christmas. She's in her 60's, is pushing more or less 5' tall, and likes to carry EVERYTHING with her. So I'm hoping to get one that's pretty roomy and but still lightweight. Oh and she's an on-the-arm/shoulder-carrying-bag kind of person. Any ideas? TIA!
  2. maybe a large bleecker duffle? They are roomy but can be carried on the shoulder...the strap is adjustable.
    the leather is is the signature, so it depends on what color she likes most!
  3. Yes, a Bleecker duffle is an excellent idea:yes: How about something like this?[​IMG]It would be very accessable for her as well. And it would fit EVERYTHING. Trust me, this is one big bag! Good luck w/ finding her a bag!
  4. I know if I was in my 60's I'd want to carry a very lightweight bag... I don't own one, but the Ergo's are sooooo light and they're roomy to carry "everything." I'd say a leather Ergo hobo or tote!
  5. My suggestion would be the Hamptons large carryall. I am in my fifties and 5'2" and I own the bigger business carryall in leather. I love it! It is not the lightest bag Coach makes but I did not find it to be too heavy at all. When I originally purchased it I intended to use it just on a trip, but it held everything and was so attractive that I carried it all spring and summer. I think the large would be a great everyday size.
  6. Thanks all for your suggestions! I'll check them out.:yes:
  7. I went into the boutique today and decided on the Ergo large hobo in all black fabric! They didn't have it in store but are going to ship it to me.


    I asked them about PCE and they gave it to me presale! So originally it was $368 minus 25% off, came out to $276 plus tax!:yahoo:

    Thanks again for all the advice! Can't wait till it gets here!
  8. large ergo! its on sale because they are pushing it out for a new style! its about 300 now VS 438 last winter! its huge!! i can carry tons of books in it plus a demi wallet etc!