##Need help picking Neo Mon Mono Neverfull##

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  1. I absolutely fell in love with this bag especially since it comes with the pochette. I also like the personalization. Please pick which bag looks better....

  2. The first one (pink GG). Really nice pick :smile:
  3. I like the one on the right best. With the larger stripe pink and the interior pink, the white is a nice contrast. I think the initials will pop better in white too. Both are gorgeous though.
  4. I also like right side, the white initial is great contrast with pink stripe.
  5. I like the one on the right better.
  6. the one on the right, GL!
  7. Right side...very pretty
  8. Right side ! :smile:love the white GG
  9. Right side.
  10. Right side - so pretty :biggrin:
  11. One on the right side - initials seem much sharper !
  12. Choose the one on the right. The initials pop more and are then accented by the Pink stripes instead of getting lost with the stripes. Great color choice!! Enjoy
  13. Thanks ladies for your input! I will put in the order shortly and do a reveal when it comes in!
  14. Right side :smile:
  15. right side.....👍