Need Help Picking between 2 bags! Pics!

  1. I am driving myself crazy trying to pick between 2 mono bags. I have had the beverly GM and have been using her for about 1-2 monthes. Shes in very good condition. I ordered the mono riveting and just recieved her yesterday. I now think the bags are way too similar. So I need to either sell the beverly which I'll take a loss on or return the mono riveting??? Both bags look good on, pics but I'm in my pjs- sorry.
    riveting.jpg riveting2.jpg beverlygm2.jpg
  2. Forgot this pic, so here we go again.
    beverlygm.jpg beverlygm2.jpg riveting.jpg riveting2.jpg
  3. The Beverly looks like it "hangs" on your shoulder better, vs the Riveting which looks more snug (shorter straps). However, I personally prefer the Riveting because it's funkier.
  4. I love them both- though they are a bit similar...I would keep the Beverly - I like it more, and it is such a classic bag!
  5. I'd keep the Beverly.
  6. Great pictures.. I like the mono riveting better.
  7. I'd keep the Beverly. It's more classic....I think I'd get sick of the rivets pretty quick.
  8. I like the beverly better, love the clasp.
  9. Definitely the riveting :yes:
  10. I prefer the Beverly !
  11. I like the riveting. Carry mine as a handheld, though.
  12. I like the riveting. I think it's really unique and fun!
  13. My first choice would be keep them both :graucho:

    2nd choice - the Beverly looks perfect on you

    3rd - the Riveting looks nice, but as nice as the Beverly

  14. I'd keep the Beverly!
  15. I would say the Beverly, it's surprising how nice the GM looks, most people get the MM and so GM is less common.