Need HELP picking Bal Bracelet (Atlantique or Parme) Please...

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I need help choosing Bal triple tour bracelet..I got the email from Bal Cannes and they have stock only on :

    Atlantique GSH and RGGH
    Parme GSH and RGGH
    Anthracite RGGH

    but know i am confused of choosing between atlantique or parme...

    please help me :smile::smile:

    here is the pics
  2. If Atlantique matches your clothing then that would be my pick - with SGH!
  3. Atlantique gets my vote :tup:
  4. ahahahhahaa...thanks for your votes..:smile:;)
  5. parme with rose gold is amazing! i prefer it over atlantique ;)
  6. I vote for Atlantique, gorgeous color
  7. I say Parme with RGGH, more versitile.