Need help picking bag for last minute b-day present for gf!!

  1. Hi all!

    I need some help. I want to get my girlfriend a bag for her birthday which is tomorrow. I had planned to spend today shopping but alas, I forgot everything would be closed on Easter. :sad:

    So, I will now have a grand total of maybe 2 hours tomorrow to look for her which is not nearly enough. She loves bags and as with everyone this season has bought herself a couple of the larger sized bags. I'd describe them as close to B. Fendi medium and large bags, but not nearly as nice. A bit more rounded and bit more retangular in shape (although not square, hence the rounded :P) I can't remember who they are by. The colors are pretty neutral. Brown, Black and a shimmering dark green. I think I'd like to get her something a bit more exciting.

    I'd like to get her a nice bag but can't get her what I'd like which is a Fendi Spy bag do to budget constraints. (Very beautiful bags and coming from a guy that's saying a lot) I'll happily spend up to $750 on a bag for her, but that is unfortunately my limit.

    Any suggestions from the fashinistas out there? She likes medium to large sized bags because she carries around a LOT in her bags. She's about 5'7", brown/blonde haired, thin and pale. She typically wears jeans and a wide variety of tops mostly in pinks, greens, tans and black if any of that helps.

    I'm in SF so I have access to most of the stores that you can think of and if not the boutiques themselves than there is always Neimans and Saks.

    Thanks so much in advance for your help everyone! I figured the bag lovers forum was the place to go to get some last minute feedback :amuse:
  2. HI! SO cute that you asked us!
    Look at LV-the Batignoles Horizontal is great....Thats my fave big bag..I also carry a I think she would like it!

  3. Thanks very much for responding :biggrin:

    I've been trying to do research on my own all day and had done some before, but aside from the obvious big name designers that a non bag-lover would know of I don't know who to look at.

    I like your LV bag very much! I'll definetly go take a look at that tomorrow.

    The only thing is I sort of had a non tote in mind, although I haven't ruled it out by any means. I was thinking something that was medium/large but closed in the shoulder bag, satchel, hobo categories.

    What else would you suggest?

    Thanks again! :biggrin:
  4. Ooh wow. This is tough. I like that 3rd and 4th one a lot in style although they are very different. The bags she wears a lot right now are similar to the 3rd one so perhaps the elegance and relative simplicity of the Marc Jacobs one would be a nice change. Hmmm.

    So you think white is a good choice? I don't think she has any white bags, at least not that I've seen.

    Is white a bag you can use on a regular basis color-wise? Any concerns over scuffing etc. with frequent use?

    Thanks all - this is really great. I'm feeling good about getting her something she'll really love tomorrow.....I hope.....
  5. your price range..the only other designer you could get a decent price is PRADA...nylon-leather versions....They have really cute hobos..I have on in the 700dollar range that has PRADA embossed on the front..I bought it in 2 colors..its so cute..You can get them at Saks or Neimans...
  6. Being me, I'm actually liking the Miu Miu frame bag that sonya posted above.

    But. Probably not the answer to SFs question.

    I wonder if SFs girlfriend would like a hobo, if she normally carries more structured bags? Otherwise, Jill's suggestion is a good one.
  7. Eep. I didn't even think of that.

    I don't know if she'd like or dislike a hobo given that you are right, she normally goes for more structured bags at least judging by what I know of her collection. :wacko:
  8. then I would go straight to LV! LOL!
  9. How about LV Popincourt Haut $785


    Speedy 30 $585


    Diorrisimo Boston Bag $690

  10. I have only been a member of the forum for about a month and this is the third guy who has come on looking for bags for his GF. There are some very lucky girls out there.
  11. White is not something you can use that regularly ... but it really "pops" an outfit. If you buy some sort of purse cleaner then she can definitely wear it more often.... I don't think scruffing is a big deal but any dirt will show.

    Her bags all sound dark so a lighter colored bag is a welcome change, especially since it is the hottest bag trend this season.

    I edited my response and added a Coach satchel similar to Isabella Fiore (see previous post).


  12. I usually carry structured bags as well, hobos and messenger bags are no-no's for me. Maybe just me? =)

    Does she like logos/monograms and canvas? These are 2 important deciding factors for LVs. If yes, Jill's recommendation (LV-Batignoles Horizontal) is a great work bag. If a closed-top bag is preferred, the hand-held Speedy 30 (a little less than $600 before tax) is another popular choice. Something has to be done about its sagginess factor though, that's a whole another issue.
  13. I love this purse. It's so cute and, fun. Unique color. Structured yet "casual." Inexpensive enough so you can also get her coordinating shoes. (Don't want to be too matchy-matchy.) She'll love that. :love:



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