Need Help picking a white summer bag!! Which is better?

  1. [​IMG]Andrea Brueckner Small Saddle Bag in White
    [​IMG]Bulga Crescent Medium Bag in Banana (not so white, but similar )
    [​IMG] Kooba Lucy in Ivory
    OR Are there any better suggestions???

    I am a college student, so I prefer sth that lean towards a younger look. I am new here also, and I would appreciate if Pfers can help ~ thanks!!! =):rolleyes:
  2. They're all good brands (I think) so maybe you'd like a bigger bag? In that case I'd go for the Kooba since, judging from these pictures, it looks the biggest (but maybe the pictures arent scaled to size).
  3. I'm a big Bulga fan, so I vote Bulga! The leather is so soft!
  4. Those Bulga bags are on sale now at NM online and I think Love the Banana color -- better than white I think.
  5. Good choices! I'll go for No: 2 :biggrin:
  6. I like the Bulga but since you asked for white, the Kooba!! very hot for summer
  7. I like the Kooba ... I like big bags!
  8. i love the kooba! i have a chiara and its so soft, love it! :heart:
  9. I vote for the Kooba! I have an Ada, and I love it. I've been eyeing the Lucy myself, so I may be biased. :amuse:
  10. I have the kooba in black. LOVE THAT BAG!! I go for the white. I think the AB looks better in the darker color and though I love Bulga, that style isn't my favorite
  11. #2

    i love the shape!
  12. I :heart::heart: the shape of the 2nd one.:biggrin::yes:
  13. My vote also goes for the Bulga. Super-cool shape! It really stands out!
  14. Kooba!
  15. wow~ thanks for all the opinions~~~ I think that helped a lot~~~ so glad I found this forum!!!
    I like the kooba lucy style too, but I wonder whether the leather on the bulga feels better......hmmmmm