Need help picking a wallet!

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  1. I hope you guys can help! I need a new wallet, mine fell apart and I have been sticking money and coins in my bag so... It needs to be very feminine (my mom has a very expensive black wallet that when she pulls that thing out all I can think of is that Seinfeld episode with the Man Hands...sorry but:yucky: ). I don't carry credit cards and my ID is in my agenda so it has to have very few or no credit card slots, because they would look wierd all being empty. It also has to be something that holds up well, I am not hard on things, just if it is on the expensive side it should be nice for a few years:upsidedown: . Last :rolleyes: I have three bags a black leather, an LV mono and a damier so it has to not clash with those. I am considering the mono french purse or tresor but I would really like a bit of colour. So if anyone has a nice wallet idea I would REALLY appreciate it. Thanks all.
  2. I have had a Kate Spade wallet for a few years and the leather is still nice and slick and black. It has surface scratches, but nothing that is too visible. The leather even still smells nice. I am getting ready to send it to be cleaned and repaired(the gold embossing is wearing off a little), but for 175, I think, that I paid for it, it has held up very well. Kate Spade may not be the most glamourous but she does offer a big variety in sizes and shapes and is available all over the place. If you keep an eye out, you can sometimes get a deal. Also, I think if you are a LV fan, you cannot go wrong with an LV wallet. If you are concerned about colors, I would say to look at beige leather or maybe even red, for something colorful and fun(Epi maybe?)
  3. I have to look at the kate spades! Thanks for answering.