Need help picking a style, please!

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  1. Okay, I'm driving myself nuts so I figured I'd drag in some company. You guys always share great advice and I need some. I'm only in my third month of Coach buying. :smile:

    I think I'm pretty settled on the Minetta for my next bag but I'm not sure which style I want. Would you go black gathered leather or the red pintuck?

    For background, I have my first ever bag the small Sadie in ocelot and I love her because she's vintage looking. But, I am a color girl. I like that the red is more orangey and shows the leather detail better and matches the gold hardware more. Not a fan of gold but it is what it is.

    Still, you can never go wrong with a black bag and I really don't have one except Sadie which in ocelot is not really a Spring/Summer fabric. Love the gathered leather, really not a fan of the gold on black since it shows more, but I do need a second all purpose black bag and I think I could live with it.

    So, who would you choose? I need a shove in either direction so please push away and help the new girl out. Thank you!

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  2. I am boring and gravitate towards blacks and any form of brown. I would go with the black twisted ;)
  3. if you're a color girl, go for the red...besides, spring and summer are coming up. Black bags are practical. I think the gathered looks like worms...someone on here mentioned it and I just cannot get that picture out of my head. GO RED!

  4. You see my problem? I feel the exact the same way. Black and red. Although that worm thing is grossing me out! I may not get that out of my head now!
  5. Red is HOT!
  6. The pintuck is so sleek and classy yet edgy and fun. It has personality. RED! You don't want to carry around a bag of worms do you? he he he
  7. I personally love the twisted leather but don't particularly *love* the pintuck. If it were me, I would choose the twisted leather in black. I also happen to love black and gold together. :smile:

    However, this is your bag and it sounds like you are really loving the pintuck because of the color, it not looking like worms (:P) and the way that the gold tone hardware isn't as obvious. You also said that you could "live with" the black gathered leather - I have to say that that's a terrible reason to choose a bag! :P Don't try to convince yourself that you absolutely love it if you don't absolutely love it - there are plenty of other bags to choose from rather than settling for and "living with" one that doesn't make your heart go pitter-patter whenever you take it out to use it. ;) So, I say go with your gut which I think is saying the pintuck!

    Good luck deciding - please let us know what you choose! :smile:
  8. And so am I! ;) are killing me with the worm thing! That's just wrong, man, just wrong...:biggrin:
  9. This is so true and great advice. I didn't realize I said that. This is why I l love you guys. Every bag does come in black so there will always be another one to love but I did really prefer the gathered leather until someone decided to ruin it for me (Butterlite :P)

    I think lately I have been leaning towards the red but I keep going back and forth because I prefer the look of the gathered but like the spunky color of the pintuck. And I think I just may be feeling like a spunky chick. :cool:
  10. I love both bags.

    I saw the Minetta and was quite disappointed in the size. i felt it to be too small (my take).

    But if you want color, do choose the red.

    Good luck.
  11. It is a small bag but I'm a little girl (5'2" maybe, thanks Mom and Dad) and I can't stand to carry too much junk with me so it's perfect. Thank you for warning me. I was worried myself and checked out the other versions in Dillards over the weekend. It surprised me with its compactness (it was smaller than I thought) but the more I looked at it, I think it's just about right for what I normally use a purse for. Honestly, it was the open top that scared me away at first but the snap closure looks pretty secure.
  12. Lol about the worms! I just gave my mom a brick red gathered twist phoebe & now I'm thinking about worms! Doh! But IRL it doesn't look wormy at all ;)

    I love a nice black bag, but w/ the spring & summer coming up, I like the reddish-orange color one.
  13. If you love color, go with the red. Get the one you're excited about.
    Black is practical but don't get it if it is just something you just :smile:"think you can live with!"
  14. I was going to point out the fact you didn't seem excited about the gold on black as well. You seem to have subconsciously made your best decision. ;)
  15. The pintuck is really nice in person, especially in the love red. I almost got my hobo in the red pintuck but the husband is convinced it looks like testicles in that specific style of bag (and now that I think about it I kind of agree) so I passed and went plain. In the Minetta though it's perfect!

    To me the twisted feels like plastic in person and looks cheap.

    Go with the red!!