Need help picking a shirt size for my guy friend (pictures inside)

  1. Hi all i havent ever come into the general discussion section! HI! :smile: happy holidays!! i find myself most in the general section, eBay section and kooba and celebs :smile: and tv haha

    Either way i have a great friend weve been friends for years but in all the times ive stolen his shirts ive NEVER looked @ the size. I wanted to order him a few shirts for christmas from his fav. bands and i am torn on what size he might be Large, or XL?? AHH such a decision
    He is about 5'11? give or take an inch but he is thin! I am not sure how to tell what size to get him, i dont want him to Swim in an XL but i didnt want to get an L and have it be like a belly shirt :smile:

    Either way here are 2 pictures of what he looks like i am not sure if it will help but maybe you guys can help me
    ??? :smile: thanks SO much!!!!

    I am the girl in the picture and i am about 5'5 not sure if that helps any on his size?
    thanks so much and again HAPPY HOLIDAYS! :smile:


  2. Best guess, I would buy him L.
  3. ^^ Agree, medium may be too short/ tight. XL would be swimming, I think!
  4. Agreed. :yes:
  5. I think he looks broad in the shoulders. His shirts are not the least bit tight in the pictures. My DH looks just about the same and this guy looks tall, like my DH. I always buy XL shirts for him. The body of the shirt is usually loose, but otherwise it would be way to short. I say XL.
  6. I vote large.
  7. Hi bessie --

    I'd say large .. my bf is that size only shorter and he wears a medium.. so large looks like it would be good.

    merry christmas!
  8. My DH is that size as well and a Large fits him perfectly!

    Happy Holidays to you too :smile:
  9. I'm 6' and about 195. If I'm wearing jeans, I tend to like my shirts a bit tighter, but I find a lot of times I'm kind of in between a M and L. Sometimes a M is just too tight. It seems from the pics, that he wears his shirts a bit looser than I do. I'd go with a L.
  10. I say Large
  11. I can see he is wearing a celtic shirt, boo! lol!
    I would say Large also!:yes:
  12. I would think that height matters. But I'm siding with LARGE, too. you know what he looks like IRL so depending on the Brand of the shirt, just use your best judgment (and it doesnt hurt to include a gift receipt!)
  13. My DH is 6'1 and 180 lbs and wears a size large. Although medium also fits him, it is too short in length. From the pics you have shown, I would buy a large. It will be perfect for length and good for width, plus he looks like he wears them a bit baggy anyways. He would be swimming in the XL!!!