Need help picking a LV :)

  1. Hi! I am going to purchase a Louis Vuitton purse soon and can't decide which one! I'm not really a hand carry kinda person, I prefer the shoulder bags. I was looking at four particular ones, but can't decide! I haven't gone down to try them on yet, but if you experts could let me know the comfort of the bags, I would appreciate it! It is between the Medium or Large Neverfulls, Batignolles Horizontal and the Batignolles Vertical. I really like the Large Neverfull and the Batignolles Vertical. Thank you!!!
    Batignolles vertical.jpg Batignolles horizontal.jpg Neverfull medium.jpg Neverfull large.jpg
  2. Great choices! I personally prefer the Batignolles Horizontal since I use it for school and I can put my notebooks in it comfortably. I'd get one of the Batignolles. :yes:
  3. The batignolles vertical is so nice and practical. I have too many tote bags and a different one that's vertically longer is nice. I like all of them, so choose what makes you happy!
  4. Either of the Batignolles.. I think they look nicer than the Neverfulls because of those side buckles. As for vertical or horizontal, I don't know - I've been trying to decide for myself which I prefer, and switch from day to day! Probably vertical. (Today.)
  5. I like the BH, it looks very cute on the shoulder.
  6. Bh!
  7. Thanks for your help! I liked the BH when it first came out and noticed that now so many people in Hawaii are carrying it! I don't like carrying something everyone has, kinda drives me nuts! Don't you think the Neverfull's style looks like the Coach reversible tote? I saw someone carrying the large one and dang that thing looked huge! :p Lots of thanks!!!
  8. Another vote for the Batignolles Horizontal. I love this bag, very cute on and carries a ton!
  9. my vote goes to BH.
  10. Bh
  11. I vote for the neverfull MM
  12. Thanks to everyone that replied! I went down yesterday to try the bags on, and yup the BH was awesome! And you know what? The prices in Hawaii are cheaper than elux and the mainland! So if you guys are ever down here, purchase it here! Elux has the BH for $710, but at the store, it is $665! I loved the Neverfull MM, but my cousin fell in love with the Neverfull PM, so I can't get the same as her! :p Thanks again everyone!
  13. I have the BH and I love it. It is my most used LV. I think I see the Popincourt and Speedies the most in Hawaii. Have fun getting your bag!!
  14. BH :yes:
  15. My vote goes to the BV--I like that you don't see it as much as BH.