Need help picking a grey bag!

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which grey purse should i buy

  1. Linea Pelle Danielle Large Shoulder Bag

  2. Rebecca Minkoff light grey with suede

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  1. I want a grey bag and i want one soon. which one would you guy pick!

    Danielle Large Shoulder Bag by LP


    Rebecca minkoff Ligh Grey with suede. I almost pre-order this bag but am going back and forth


    thanks for your help!
  2. I'm not crazy about the RM Matinee style, I think the LP bag will be much more comfy to carry.

  3. I actually own the Lp in berry. I have used this bag once! I'm not a fan. It is just not me. The pockets look whacky to me. Not lined up right or something . Maybe too small for the size of the bag? Also I'm not a fan of magnetic closings which these pockets(LP) have. I also preordered the RM and now we are waiting! I love the mattinee (I own one in wine). One of the best things is the suede lining the pockets. Makes it a delight to slide your hand in!
  4. I love the GREY LP DANIELLE SHOULDER BAG!! This is the exact bag on my wish list! Thanks bhalpop, for the review; maybe I will rethink this one...
    I love RM bags like the MAM and the Nikki, but the Matinee looks too long and awkward. Personally, I never loved that style.
    Have you checked out the Hayden-Harnett Havana hobo in grey?
    I have two Havanas (not grey) and I love love love the style! It is big but it is so soft and slouchy that it looks great whether it is filled up or carrying very little.
    Just wanted to throw it out there, because it is a wonderful bag!!! Everytime someone asks about a grey bag, I think of this one because it is such a beauty in this color!

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  5. I have the Danielle shoulder bag in berry. I like the style of the bag, but needed to shorten the strap for my personal preference.
  6. this bag is so hot :smile:
  7. I personally like the HH Havana the best! Awesome bag!!
  8. OHH good find. Love the HH bag too. I'm gonna go check that one out too!

    Thanks for all your input!

  9. I have the Danielle but the small size, I am not a big fan either, bhalpop is right about the pockets and I also find the bag difficult to get into.

    As for the RM matinee, I don't own this style but a few of her MAMs and love the look, leather and functionality of them. I would say go for the Matinee
  10. Glad I could help!
    I am smitten with the HH Havana!
    It is my "go-to" bag for really everything now. It is perfect for my casual jeans and tee style, yet easily bounces to a dressier occasion as well!
  11. The LP or HH.
  12. HH does beautiful shades of grey, the Havana is an excellent suggestion!

  13. I love the one from Rebecca Minkoff
  14. I :heart::heart::heart: the havana!
  15. I voted for the LP because I'm not a fan of that particular RM style. But the Hayden is my favorite!