need help, paint on my bag :(

  1. hey guys,

    i was clumsy and brushed my birkin against a wall the other day, and didn't think much about it. earlier today i noticed a white streak on the piping on the bottom of my bag! HORROR! i thought it was a scuff but my friend looked at it and thought the paint transferred on the leather. i tried to rub at it gently with a wet paper towel and some came off (but also some black polish too!) :sweatdrop:

    has this happened to anyone and what should i do! (short of going to the H spa, sigh).

    thanks :smile:
  2. Pigleto - I think I'd ring the store and ask them (though they'll probably want the craftsman to see it). I'm sorry this happened to you. How annoying :sad:
  3. I agree, call the store and speak to the craftsman.
  4. Oh dear, I am so sorry to hear this, pigleto972001.

    Hope the craftsman is able to help you with this.
  5. I think you'd better call the H doctor about this one. So sorry to hear about this! Please keep us posted.
  6. Here is what I would try...
    I would put a little neutral Creme Saphir or Meltonian crean on the paint for 30 minutes or so and then try to gently pick the paint off with my fingernail.
    I do not see anyway this could hurt the bag, as these products are recommended by Claude for polishing. Maybe call Claude for advice.
    Good luck
  7. thanks guys, maybe i'll have the folks at my local boutique call claude for advice. i'd also have to try to find this meltonian! hopefully it will come out...some of it already has (along with some black polish, gulp!)

    sigh. mah beloved birkin...
  8. I think all shoe repair shops carry Meltonian. What you want is the neutral lotion. Even if you do not use it on your Birkin, it is good for other leather items, shoes, etc. Creme Saphir polishes and creams are available in Europe and I think are very similiar to Meltonian products available in USA.
  9. Ambulance coming to bring your bag to the H clinic!
  10. good luck P. I am sure this will all work out. all will be well. fingers crossed....:tup: