Need Help/Opinions of French Blue Owners

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  1. I just received my french blue money wallet from Aloha Rag today. I had seen FB bags in person before and loved the vibrancy of the color. I decided that the wallet would be perfect for me.

    Anyway, when I got my wallet, it was very beautiful, but not quite as electric of a blue as I had remembered. In fact, it looks much more like cornflower IRL. The card says 2007 1, so it would seem to be the right one.

    I am posting some pics (both with and without flash) and would love some feedback from others as to whether people think this is indeed FB and whether it is less vibrant than their bags. When I compare my wallet against other FBs posted here, it looks much darker. The w/o flash pics are closer to reality. TIA!

    W/ Flash

    W/O Flash

    W/O Flash

    W/O Flash with Blueberry First
  2. I think it's French Blue. I have the same exact feelings as you regarding the color with my own FB bag. I have a French Blue twiggy, and the color doesn't have that same zing as in other people's photos :shrugs:. Because of this, I'm beginning to realize that this color just isn't *me*...
  3. Mimi, thanks so much for weighing in. I have been seeing pics of everyone's FB and getting really excited. I still like the color, but I wish the wallet was as bright IRL as it appears in the photos posted on this forum.
  4. maybe its bc i am partial to the GH but when i was in the store the other day the FB GH bags seemed brighter to me.....maybe its just me bc thats what i bought, lol
  5. [​IMG]
    My FB is super bright! I think it's just the luck of the draw
  6. ^I agree. I find that the FB bags with gold hardware are a more intense shade of blue than the FB bags with regular.
  7. I'm sorry you are disappointed. It looks beautiful to me.
  8. Interesting observations about differences between GH and RH on the FB. In person, I have only seen FB in the GH and the matelasse, so my perception of the color might have been formed on those bags.

    Marie, would you say that the photo of your GH bag accurately represents its true color? If so, that is indeed brighter than my wallet.
  9. I'm sure that that's French Blue...

    here's a pic of my French Blue work...the color is pretty accurate...

  10. my FB GH looks like marie's pic in Reaal life almost exactly
  11. Chuggie Yes this is a true to life photo of my french blue, it's very bright like an electric blue, funny I just remembered seeing a FB RH day bag at NM once and the colour was not as bright as on my GH, so maybe GH ones are brighter.
  12. ICB, thanks for posting your picks of RH french blue, especially given the discussion of any colors differences between GH and RH. IRL, mine seems a little closer to cornflower than your photo (or even the ones I posted).

  13. Chuggie... Not to confuse the issue more, but I ordered my first Money Wallet from Aloha Rag as well... the Invoice they sent me said "INK", and the leather is definately a different shade & texture then my Marine bag... However the card inside says "2007"??

    I can't tell though, my wallet doesn't seem to have any purple tints to it (which is what bothered me about Ink), so it could just be from a different batch of Marine?? I don't know, my Marine bag & Marine wallet definately look slightly different though...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  14. ^^^Mmmm... mine is defintiely lighter than marine (BTW, yours is beautiful). I had wondered whether a 2007 tag had gotten mixed up with this wallet and it was really a 2006 cornflower. In certain settings, the wallet looks lighter, but clearly not as vibrant as some of the FB bags posted here.
  15. Well, Chuggie, you know I'm the FB fanatic, and I think my FB money wallet looks like it's slightly brighter than yours. There's a definite color difference between my Cornflower bag and my FB wallet. The FB is more vibrant than the Cornflower. However, I do agree with you that the FB wallet from Aloha Rag doesn't seem as bright as some of the bags posted here. I have my wallet on me right now, and I'm comparing it to these photos, and it's definitely not as bright. But I still love it. If you don't love yours, definitely send it back. Maybe there's other stores that have more vibrant FB wallets.