Need help opening Pochette Cles key ring

  1. I just received my Groom Pochette Cles and I can't figure out how to open the key ring to put my keys on it. I called eLux and they said to push down on it, but that's not doing anything for me, unless I'm pushing down on the wrong thing and doing this the wrong way. Can someone help me get this thing open before I hurt my fingers any more? (LOL)

  2. Lift up advice i can give lol
  3. Yah, I say opposite, push up. Grasp the top-ish part and push directly up.
  4. I thought mine was defective also? I must be an idiot.. Anyhow I finally worked it out.. Hold the larger part facing up and the part where there is a little screw put your finger underneath that and push up and then lift out.. I hope that makes sense..
  5. If it's like my pomme cles key ring, it's kinda like it has a spring action. Push up on the side part and then it will spring out. This is very hard to explain!
  6. honestly, I just bought this item the other day and have yet to figure out how to open it.
    thanks for posting first!
    I'll try to follow directions as posted but I may have to go back to LV for a tutoring session!
  7. When I bought my pomme cles the SA wanted to give me a detailed lesson how to open it. I guess it is a known problem.

    good luck!
  8. Thanks Suzie! I followed your instructions and finally got this thing open! Whew! Thanks again! :smile:
  9. THat makes two of us...I worked and worked at it...felt so stupid!:p
  10. WEre you thinking, 'this can NOT be that difficult!"?? (I was!:shame: ) Glad you got er figured out!!!;)
  11. push up, then out....
  12. So for those that have a pochette cles, does it seem "awkward" once you get your keys on it... especially a bulky car key and an alarm?
  13. Keesh, I had the same trouble and eluxury had to stay on the phone with me until I figured it out! I dont use mine for keys, I attach mine on the d-ring in my bag and keep cards, my memory stick and a small swiss army knife in it. I use a 4 key holder for my keys.
  14. Designing Style, I like your idea of using it for something other than keys. Once I put my keys on there, it just seemed really bulky, awkward and just sort of "goofy." Does our 4-key holder hold a bulky car key and alarm well? I think I read on a string about the hooks not being wide enough or adequate for bulky car keys.
  15. LOL it took me some time to figure out how to open mine without any help.

    The other day I asked my bf's sis if she knew how to open hers, and she said she hasn't opened hers at all ever since the day she bought it years ago.