Need help onthego

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  1. So I loved this bag when I saw my friend had it so when I saw it on the website I snagged it before it was out of stock again... I know it’s big, I do like big bags I have a neverfull gm a 4 year old and hopefully another soon, and i know not everyone loves the print, but what do you think?

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  2. All that really matters is what you think and how you feel about the bag!! Personally I love the bag and it looks great on you. I don’t have one but it’s on my list. I love how it’s different and probably won’t see this bag on many other people.
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  3. As long as it’s comfy.
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  4. I think the bag is beautiful. But I did note that one of the youtubers said the bag and corners were stiffer than a Neverfull and she kept bumping it into people. Not an issue you would notice unless you used it for a while.
  5. I really like this bag! I'm waiting for the MM size to come out.
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  6. It looks perfect on you, especially since you need a big bag with a toddler.
  7. she cute
  8. If you can handle the Neverfull GM, you can handle this one! :biggrin: It looks cute on you. With bigger bags I'm always afraid of not being aware of hitting people/objects but like I said if you are familiar with the Neverfull GM that won't even be a thing. :P
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  9. Love it, green with envy I am :smile: Enjoy it in good health!
  10. I love big bags and have this OnTheGo in the Black jungle print and I really dislike mine. NF GM slouches and js more comfortable. Whenever I carry mine it reminds me of a reusable grocery bag. My husband because I have the jungle print calls it the Trick or treat bag. Not a fan of it. It’s bulky structured and really hate lugging it around. Sorry to sound negative but I really hate mine.
  11. It looks adorable on you! Keeper.
  12. Love it
  13. Did you find it heavy?
  14. It is pretty heavy and I don’t put much in it at all. It’s just not comfortable to carry around. Getting in and out of the car is annoying because it’s a huge structured square. When shopping in stores you find yourself trying to avoid bumping it into things. A NF conforms to your body and the edges of bag are soft and flexible this bag is rigid. Don’t get me wrong I love the idea of the bag but just do not enjoy carrying it. I brought it to Hawaii and taking it in the airplane and through the airport was not fun. Great tote just not great as a purse.
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  15. Update. I went to LV and the Reverse OnTheGo is completely different than the Jungle. Reverse is so soft and flexible. Wish I would have gone with it instead and it’s lighter.