Need help on where to sell designer handbags

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  1. I have been cleaning out my closets, (good winter project) and I have several designer bags LV, Gucci, etc. that I do not use anymore and want to sell. My goal is to get enough money for a Chanel 2.55 or classic sm flap bag. :smile:

    I have never sold any bags before and I wanted your help and feedback on the most lucrative way to sell them. I am wondering about Ebay vs a consignment store, or a place that purchases bags outright. Has anyone used Yoogi's Closet or sell my Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

    I also have shoes Manolo Blahnik etc and was wondering how to sell these.

    I have sold things on ebay before and have dealt with people bidding then not paying. If there is another way, to sell my items without this hassle, I would rather do it that way.
  2. please do a search. As you can imagine w/ over 150,000 people here, this is asked a lot.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.