Need help on wallet on a chain

  1. Is there a thread in the reference library about wallet on a chain? I am trying to use the $450 GC I just earned from the EGC event today. I am thinking aobut a wallet on a chain. Have no idea how much is it and what color is available right now. Someone pls educate me! TIA!
  2. Hi liez,
    I'm sure others here will have better information since I am new to the world of Chanel, but when I was looking at Neiman Marcus, I saw a graphite/metallic and a black caviar in the case. I asked if they had a smooth lambskin one and they pulled out the one that I bought. It was $1295 USD.
    hope that helps a little!
  3. [​IMG]


    here's mine from this season. it's the reissue version in bright silver.. i think it is around 1300 but i don't remember exactly how much. good luck!