Need help on Turandot colorway

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  1. Dear ladies and gents, this is not about the authentication of the scarf.

    I came across this Turandot scarf, does anyone know if Turandot comes in this particular cw? if yes, which year was it released?


    I have looked at the Hermes Catalog online, but couldn't find this cw. Am very fond of this design and would like to learn more about it :smile:

    Thank you in advance .:flowers:

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  2. Turandot was 2000 or 2001, if I recall the date I purchased mine correctly. There is a post of the colorway I bought on my Super Scarf thread (which is around here somewhere). I can repost it when I get home, if that would help. Unfortunately, I don't recall any other colorways for the pattern.
  3. Is that a grey border, I can't quite tell on my monitor. I believe I recall it from the original issue - the second issue, the special issue for Carolina Opera, came in only two colorways (the aubergine and the salmon). It is such a gorgeous scarf and I know you have been looking for this pattern - congrats!
  4. IceEarl, Turandot was definitely issued in this colorway. It's kind of a bluish grey IRL and very pretty. Issued in 2002.
  5. That colorway is definitely from the original issue of Turandot, not the 2007 Opera Carolina re-issue.

    The background is definitely gray with a slight blue cast. The orange is much softer than the navy colorway that featured orange.

    Here are more photos for comparison.

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  6. BTW I do believe this scarf was from 2002. It was definitely released after "the year of music" which was 1996.

    The Carolina Opera re-issue was from 2007, as luvbolide said.
  7. :hugs: Thank you ladies for your generosity in sharing the info here, it meant so much to me !

    one more question, does the Turandot only comes in 90cm silk?

    restricter, I vague remember that there was a thread like that, but couldn't find it any where, should have subscribed to it, if you have bookmarked it some where, would appreciate it if you can post the link again ;)

    Mimster, thank you for the link, I have looked at the site before, it's such a great site , like a H scarf bible . I couldn't find any cw which is similar to the one I posted. :smile:

    Luvbolide, thanks for remembering, I am still looking around and bumped into this beautiful cw, Turandot has a special place in my heart, I hope I will be able to own one soon :heart:

    silkstarh, thank you dear for confirming the year of release.

    doreenjoy :hugs:, thank you soooo much for posting pics to share, it is really beautiful, love the subtle blue in the grey. The pics I posted have too much blue in it, must be the lighting in the surrounding.

    Thank you again ladies for your time and inputs, not forgetting my dear friend lani :flowers: you are wonderful dear !
  8. IceEarl, congrats btw. It is a very beautiful cw.

    doreen, do you know what cws were from the original issue? Is there another source of the H scarves collection? is the only one I am aware of that has the most extensive collection.
  9. Dear Mimster, this scarf is not mine (yet ) .. hehee
  10. Iceearl- Keeping my fingers crossed for you sweets! Hope it will be yours soon! You and I have that appreciation for a bit of blue in our silks! :hugs::whistle:

    Doreenjoy-thanks for the info-knew you would be the Turandot expert! Still love that red one of yours and the purple is of course TDF too.:ghi5:
  11. Lanit :hugs:
  12. Turandot originally came in the aubergine, the salmon with brown (both of which were reissued for Carolina Opera), navy with orange, red with pink, paler orange, the grey-blue colorway you have, and in pale pink with mint green. At least that is all the colorways I know of. The design was featured in the Autumn/Winter 2002 catalog. I have owned the aubergine, the salmon, the navy and the pale pink, but I only have the salmon now.
  13. Thanks for that info BBC and for the photos Doreenjoy! I have loved this scarf since it first came out - it was the first time that I bought the same scarf in two different colorways. I have the aubergine and the red and love them both. This grey would be my next choice - I hope that you get it, IceEarl!!
  14. Here are the scarf booklet images for Turandot. Mint green with pink and Aubergine with green aren't pictured:


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