Need Help on this one, first MC purchase this weekend!

  1. This weekend will mark my first MC purchase and I am really struggling to decide which bag I like the most. So I am going to defer this choice to all of you! With your help I am going to make my first MC purchase! The 2 bags in the running are the Marilyn and the Shirley. I prefer white, but if you have compelling reasons why I should consider black I am totally open to that as well. I haven't posted photos of my collection yet, but to give you an idea of some of my LV items to help you adivse me I will list some of my bags: Cerise Sac Plat, Monogram Stephen, Dentelle Kirsten, Pink Cherry Blossom Papillon, Salsa Musette. Thank you in advance for taking the time to help me, I am really excited to get your feedback!
  2. white marilyn!
  3. ooh i love multicolor. what about the eliza? i like the marilyn but when i tried it on it didnt sit that great on my shoulder but im not not super skinny either. I think either of them would be great!
  4. hmmm that's a tough one... the marilyn can carry way more than the shirley. but i like the shirley's shape more.

    i think i would go with the marilyn in white.
  5. i have the white marilyn, but I would advise you to try out the bags yourself. marilyn's not easy to carry on the shoulder (and heavy) but carries more than shirley, shirley's shoulder starp's way too long for me (i'm short) so it does look weird when i'm carrying it lol

    the final decision's up to you, remember to share your winning bag with us ~ ;)
  6. White marilyn. I have the shirley and I hate to say it but she's useless. LOL
  7. I like Eliza better than the other two choices but the Marilyn is new so I see the appeal.
    I personally have always loved black better as far as color appeal- but love white too except there ARE issues with color transfer like a vernis item and the interior does sometimes fade onto the white canvas creating a pink mess. Just be prepared. :crybaby: Had it happen to my white shirley and keepall.
  8. MC shirley :yes:
    the Maryiln is VERY wide imo... well.. if you look at the bag on its own it's not very wide, however, if you carry it over your shoulder it's very uncomfortable because the strap is quite short and basically the bag is up *there* in your armpit lol, so you have no choice but to either squish the bag or hold up your arm semi-horizontally........... i dunno if you understand what I'm sorry, I make things really complicated lol. Anyway, good luck! :biggrin:
  9. Cecilia, I totally know what you mean, LOL! Thanks everyone for the info! I was not aware of the color transfer with the white can anyone elaborate on that as it sounds less than ideal...I was planning on walking over to LV today as it is about 5 min. walk from my house but I am battling kidney stones, so it may have to wait until tomorrow. Anyway, I really appreciate all the awesome advice, keep it coming with anything else you think of!
  10. ooohh!:push: I hope you're feeling alright...

    As for colour transfer, I don't have any probs with MC if I wear 'old' clothes. Only the back of my MC speedy has a bit of blue-ishness but I was wearing a completely brand new pair of jeans that day...
  11. Marylin in white !!!
  12. i tried the marilyn on, and it wasnt like, wow kwim. I say shirley! xx
    oh would you be able to post pics modelling your sac plat?! LOve the sac plat!
  13. Agree with other, go for White Marilyn :flowers: ooh you've very nice collections ;)
  14. Definitely go with the Marilyn...

    Can't wait to see what you got!

  15. Pretty please, I want to see it too. I love the cerises sac plat, do you like it and use it often?