Need help on this dress

  1. I got this dress for a wedding banquet that I have to attend soon. It's not one of those super formal banquets. Just have to look decent enough.

    The true color of this dress is ivory beige/skin color with gold details.
    Ok, here are my questions:

    1)do you think this dress can be worn for informal occasions like hanging out, dates, not just weddings?

    2)do you think this dress should be worn with shoes that have straps on the ankle or not? (just asking because my aunt said it's appropriate for straps, which i never thought of)

    3) do u think this shoe is ok for this dress, or what do you think of this shoe with this dress? (remember that the true color of this dress is ivory beige/skin color with gold details!)

    4) what other shoes would u recommend with this dress? Nothing too expensive. Heel around 2.5 -3 inches.

    5) my friend just said I could wear this dress with the LV pochette twin pm since the wedding isnt that formal. Umm.... I'm not sure. what do you guys think??

    Thanks so much!
  2. I like the dress and think the shoes are perfect! Yes, you can wear it on a date depending on where you are going, and if you want to dress it down, just wear more casual accessories. You will look fantastic in this outfit!

    ADD: no you don't need straps around your ankles- the shoes you selected are just right for the dress!!!
  3. I think those shoes are good for the dress. If you were going to wear any other shoe I'd do a stilletto gold sandal.
  4. What a beautiful dress, The shoes are just perfect, a less busy shoe is what you need.
    I wouldn't suggest to much jewelry though, as the trim on the dress is quite stunning on its own.

    Unless you can remove the trim, in my opinion this style dress is formal.

    Have a great time, you will look gorgeous.

    Hope this helps.
  5. Great dress. I think the shoes go really well.

    IMO, if you wanted to wear this for more casual events, like going on a date, I would top it with a cardigan.
  6. It's a lovely dress! But if you're planning on wearing it to a wedding, do you think it might be best to find out if the bride will mind? I believe the rule of etiquette is that white is reserved for the bridal party. Otherwise, pairing it with some colorful jewelry and flats would make it perfect summer wear!
  7. I think the dress and shoes go together great. Because of the detail on the dress I am not sure it can be dressed down much like Prada said, but if you put on some flats it could look more casual. It looks great though!! I bet you will look stunning!!
  8. soooo pretty. the shoes are perfect. it could definately be worn on a dressier date as is, or a more casual date with a cardi over top. but...i would not wear this to a wedding. i know that you said it's beige-y ivory nude, but that is waaay too close to white for my taste and imho white and mostly white dresses are reserved for the bride that day. i know that's not a question you asked, but i think it is definately something that you should think about.
  9. Shoes are fab w/ that dress and I think you can wear that dress outside of the wedding banquet! What a great looking dress! You'll be a knockout, hot mama!:lol:
  10. this is such a beautiful dress. the shoes look stunning with it.i agree with pradasmeadow, not too much jewelry. have a wonderful time.
  11. Both are beautiful and go great together!
  12. Nice dress (it looks longer IRL than on the mannequin, does it come above your knee?) and you have the perfect shoes to go with it. The low heel slippers make the dress less formal. However, I don't think the mono pouchette pm goes with the outfit at all. Do you have any other clucth in similar colour tone?
  13. I think both the dress and shoes go well together. However, im not sure if the dress is good for informal occasions (a date)
  14. it hits right above the knee.
  15. imo the shoes n dress are a great match :biggrin:, n its not that 'white' so i think it'd be fine w d bride.. dont agree w pochette though.. find a gold clutch maybe so it'd match the dress' ribbon detail

    i'm sure u'd look stunning w that outfit ^^

    n as most've said, i think it can be paired w cardigans or flats if you want to wear it in a less formal occasions