Need Help on this Chanel Wallet

  1. Hi, anyone know the name of this wallet? Do you think I can still find it in any Chanel store? I love this color so much.

  2. This comes from the perforated line. I believe they are still in stores
  3. I am in Hong Kong. The store in Hong has no more. Where is your location?
  4. I am in the US, and saw those last month when I was in the Hamburg store.
  5. sorry I missed something in my last post, Hamburg - Germany that is. Haven't been back in the local Chanel store since I got back... the less I see at this point is better, or else I'll get tempted :p
  6. Saks in BH had perfo wallets last week...I can't remember if they had the red Bonnie and ask!!!
  7. thanks
  8. Finally, I ordered one at Chanel Costa Mesa. I am so happy now...looking forward for the delivery now. :tup:
  9. I saw a green one (like a Kelly Green?) yesterday at the Rodeo Drive store. It was GORGEOUS!! :drool:

    (Alas I left it behind...I'm saving for a Purple 227 Reissue in the Spring! :heart::heart::heart:)
  10. Hey - that's my wallet (and pic!) Glad to see somebody likes it. It is a very unusual orangey red.

    It's the perfo wallet I *think* it was $695
  11. Here's the Red Perforated Chanel E/W from Spring 2007 and is $1595

    Enjoy! Call Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442 if you are interested!!