need help on the out-of-state orders

  1. hi,
    I have been reading people here saying that they do not need to pay tax if they order from an boutique or Saks or NM outside their own state.
    My question is
    Is there any restriction for doing that?
    I mean, ok, for me, I am living in China, do come to US every six months. Have a US residenc address where the mails and packages could be sent to. Can I call the boutiques or Saks in US to make phone order and have them shipped to my US address or even my China address? Do I need to pay tax? Or, I could only do that when there is no such brand where I live?

    Thank you!!!
  2. I don't know what they do if it's shipped to China. For me, if I buy from a store that does not have a store IN MY STATE, then I don't pay any sales tax. For example, I often buy from a store in Illinois, but where I live, North Carolina, they don't have a branch store, so I only pay for shipping, no sales tax. It used to work well with Neiman Marcus, but last year a Neiman Marcus opened in Charlotte, North Carolina, so I have to pay sales tax now.