Need help on the color of the cervo antic satchel!

  1. Today I went down to the Prada store hoping to buy the cervo antic satchel but the models they had didn't seem right to me. :sad: In the pictures I saw on tpf, the color was a bit darker around the edges and the bag was a rich brown color. The two they had in the store were nothing like that. One was relatively small and almost all one tone and the other was much larger but the color seemed too light. The larger/lighter one did have the fading and darkened edges. So for people who have purchased this bag, where did you purchase it from? If you got it from the Prada store, do you remember the color they called it specifically? Also what were the measurements?

    Thank you so much for your help! :smile:
  2. Audrey, mine is from Saks. I can get the measurements in a bit. I mentioned when trying to dcide between it and the drawstring, that my drawstring is richer. The contrast is stronger. My drawstring has a richer brown base and the "burning" I will call it for lack of a better term is also brighter. My satchel has a bit toned down base color. I honestly think that pictures highlight the burning more. I look at the pics of mine posted here, then look at them in real life and almost think it looks like a cooler bag from the pictures!! Hope this helps a little. Hate to throw Chloe in here, but if you go for this Prada, please tell me how your choc. paddy compares/contrasts. You well know I may be headed for a choc. if muscade doesn't thrill me!
  3. I know the Broadway store had a great colored one..Call Sada there..I think they are all different actually and they have their own coloring.
  4. Triplets05: Thanks so much for your input! I will definitely let you know the difference between the two bags if I get the satchel!

    Jill: I was just at the Broadway store yesterday and the SA there showed me one I hated. I asked to see a different one and she almost refused me, insisting they were all the same! I felt so funny to ask for a different SA so I will just go back next time and ask for Sada. I'm looking for one with high contrast. Do you know if it's the larger size or the smaller that has that? The smaller looked very dull to me and one-toned. The larger had contrast but looked very light...