Need help on Tessuto Gaufre - Keep or Sell?

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  1. Dear babes,

    I bought a Tessuto Gaufre (BN1792) on impulse last week when I saw it at the store. I loved it till I realised it is a different model. All along i thought it is the model bn1336 that I have been drooling at from this forum.

    Now I am thinking of selling my bag and buy the bn1336 instead. Have not seen it in real life though.

    Anyone know what is the difference other than the shape? How about the dimension, is the 1336 much bigger? I am quite petite.

    Really hope to get your advice..we women are hard to please :P
    tessuto gaufre BN1792.jpg
  2. I have to say keep it because it hard to get much back from Prada bags, most of the time it's not worth selling them unless you bought it super cheap. Prada does not resell as well as LV and Chanel.
  3. ^ITA re:sale price...but I don't think Prada sells less than other designer bags b/c of quality..I think it is b/c there is a smaller market for them...those of us that LOVE PRada tend to hold onto them because we love AND they wear soooo well...the market isn't flooded with them either Like Chanel/LV etc..mostly the ones that are buying Prada are those of us that know the line..and b/c the price is fairly reasonable to begin with ( as compared to other designers) pushes the price of a used bag further down..JMO
  4. Thanks nymfashion, emmy for your thoughts. I do agree the part on the smaller market and since demand is not as high, most of the time hv to sell at a loss.

    I guess i still keep it...but there is a part of me still tinking of the bn1336. Haha probably i should get another one..but that is absurb.

    Emmy you have the bn1336 the size much bigger than this bag?
  5. ITA with Emmy.

    I recently parted with brand new Prada purses and lost more than 50% of the retail price. And the bags were brand new and never used.

    If you can afford to take the loss of your tessuto gaufre, I would advise you to sell it and get something that you really like. If you can afford to keep it, I do think it's a great idea since Prada nylon is very sturdy plus black is a classic color.
  6. ERINZ I sold my fumo Gauffre..I'm looking for the bag that YOU have w/ silver hardware!!! Your gauffre looks a little narrower at the top thatn mine was...but it could just be the pic...
  7. EM! You sold your Fumo gauffre!!?? I loved that bag!!!!!!!!!

  8. linpaddy, i've decided to keep it! I tried auctioning it on an online forum and got a ridiculous offer of at S$600 and I paid S$1830 for it.. gheesh!!!!!!!! that's crazy, so yes it could happen to me too.

    ..your FUMO is gorgeous..why did u sell it? I didn't noe gauffres come in silver hardware too.........any pics? i dont mind another gaufre lol 'evil'
  9. hi erinz..

    I think bn1336 is not any much bigger than what you have.. coz if i am not wrong, your bag at can be opened up at the sides so it look abit smaller.. which i think is nicer than bn1336.. coz i find it abit to squarish for bn 1336.

    Only managed to locate the nappa version of bn 1336 in evilbay.. the dimensions are inside the listing..
  10. keeper!

    ok, glad you kept it coz reselling value aside, its my favorite style in gauffre! not too big, not too small, just right :yes:
  11. Galleriathanks for helping out with the dimension. U are right it can be fasten or opened up to be a square. So think I leave it permanently open hehe

    purse- nality, thanks u made me feel a million times better hehe, can't wait to officially bring her out

    btw ladies, I feel the shoulder strap is a bit short, can I just bring it to the store to punch more holes or can I buy a longer strap?
  12. Erinz - I bought the exact same bag from SG too and I'm loving it! My sis is carrying BN1336 and I find it too squarish. Also if you belong to the petite side, BN1336 will look big on you. So no regrets! :smile:
  13. The store won't let you exchange it for another bag that you want?
  14. I like this bag. I also want one in Fumo (like you Emmy, w/SH). Although, Fumo is a warm color and I may be able to do that one with gold.
  15. Lynn49 - thanks babe, I'm loving the bag! Btw, do you find the detachable strap a bit short??? I tried crossbody but it hang midway, wld want to wear it lower. Have you tried looping it to shoulder carry??

    Morejunky - LOL exchange did not cross my mind at all!! My first thoughts was evilbay hehe, but I better not visit the stores again, may commit more sin by buying another bag :P

    Piperlu - fumo is unique colour, hv u seen the Aluminium spring colour?? I like!!