Need help on Saks order

  1. I'm not sure if its appropriate to post it here, but I'm desperate and need help for you guys.

    I ordered some marc by marc jacobs stuff from Saks, and the package was sent to a friend of mine in california, since I'm in Canada. but he was away that week, and package arrived last Friday, Fedex left the package on porch and didnt require any signature. After i found out this from Fedex website, i immediately called my friend, and he called his apartment manager to go and check, but the package was not there. I guess it must been stolen.

    So i contacted Saks, and they said they will investigate this. But I don't know what to expect, has anyone have an experience like this? need some advice.
  2. this is posted in the wrong area.......Ill get it we can help ya.You should be able to file a claim and get your money back thru Saks first and expalin it to them
  3. Fedex usually doesn't leave packages by the door unless its a private house plus only if thats their route. I wouldn't worry. Saks will either refund you or send another bag out to you. Its happened to me a long time ago when I purchased a prada bag.
  4. thanks Jill and Cudaswifey. Please do move it to where its supposed to be posted.
    I already contacted Saks, and they said I will need to wait for three days for the research department to investigate the case. I guess I will just have to wait.
  5. Something similar happened to me with NM & I just received a credit from them