Need help on price of beige with black cc large cambon tote

  1. this is the next on the chopping block from the ark!!
    Naturally, I purchased it full retail but i know the beige and black went on sale. Was this tote easy to find? does anyone know what the sale price was? also does anyone remember the original retail price (suffering a senior moment on that)?

    Thanks all!
  2. The price went down really low. I can't remember off the top of my head, but I think they were going for 7 or 800 bucks on ebay last time I checked.
  3. Oh that smarts!! anyone remember exact retail and also sale price?
  4. Exact retail was $1475.
  5. thanks Lucci! congrats on baby #3 on the way!!
  6. My Black w/ Black Patent CC's retailed $1495, but I think that's because of the Patent Leather!
  7. I bought my Large Cambon Flap Tote/beige with black CC's for $735.00 after the markdown.
  8. :nuts: Lucky you!! all the totes (except the small) was gone by the time I made it there!
  9. I was really lucky. Roey had spotted one, and PMed me, otherwise I probably would have not found one either.
  10. Hey, around what time in the year would these bags go on sale? (im in the UK if thatd make any difference)
    thanks :smile:

  11. I found this forum much more informative than the Chanel in-store inventory database! :graucho:

    princess_chloe, the cambons were onsale from April - around June this year, at various locations (NM, certain chanel boutiques, Saks), all in the States. Not sure if they will go onsale again - but stay tuned, I'm sure members will post as soon as there's an upcoming sale! (check the deals forum for sales in your area too!) ;)